This website is a culmination of all of my favorite sites plus my own ideas and ideas brought to my attention by friends and family members. So I'll definitely be putting my own spin on couponing. The problem with all of my favorite couponing websites is that they primarily cater to veteran couponers and therefore aren't much aid to those who are just beginning. They also don't detail how to get the deals as much as I'd like to see.
In 2009, my beautiful baby boy was born. We were unemployed because of the economy and needed to find a way to make ends meet. Please don't add negative comments, such as how we should have been out there applying. We applied at as many as 60 places a week, and yes, that is possible. I saw a segment about couponing on tv and googled it. That was the day I became 100% involved in the growing coupon community. I started off really slow and was eventually able to purchase nearly all of my Christmas presents for free or nearly free that year!

Over the course of two years, I have become much more knowledged and as you guys have seen in my facebook pictures, I have been able to purchase almost all of my Christmas/birthday/holiday gifts to my entire family for free or cheap as of January/February 2011! Not only that, but I'm beginning to make money through couponing and other money saving advances I've learned! I have a complete stock of diapers and wipes saved up for my son (about 6-7 boxes of diapers and 20 tubs of wipes) and we literally shave at least $20 off our grocery bill each week. Stay tuned and I'll share my secrets to successful saving!