Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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What's worth buying at Fareway 5/31-6/7!

Fareway accept internet printables, and allow stacking (one store & one Manufacturer coupon per item). Here are some of the best deals I see this week.

Remember Fareway will also match local competitors ads. You must have ad in hand when you are at the store.

Kool-Aid Unsweetened Envelopes - $0.10
-$0.50/5 Kool-Aid Unsweetened Envelopes printable (click on Kool Sweeps and enter the contest. If you don't win, you'll find the link on the bottom left hand corner!)
-B2G1 KoolAid Envelopes, exp. 5/31/11 (SS 03/13/11)
-B10G5 KoolAid Envelopes, exp. 5/31/11 (SS 03/13/11)
Free After coupon!

Ken's Dressing 16 oz- 3/$5
-$1/2 Ken's Dressing, exp. 6/30/11 (SS 05/08/11)
-$1/1 Ken's Dressing, exp. 6/30/11 (SS 05/08/11)
$0.67 each after coupon!

Boneless All Natural Chicken Breast - $1.99/lb

Hungry Jack Hasbrowns 4.2oz - $0.99
$1/2 Hungry Jack Potato Product, exp. 7/10/11 (SS 05/22/11)
$0.49 after coupon!

Purex Laundry Detergent50oz -3/$8.88
-$1/1 Purex Laundry Detergent, exp. 6/12/11 (RP 05/01/11)
$1.96 after coupon!

GW Beet Sugar 4 lb - $1.99

Fareway white bread - $0.88

Doritos 11.5 oz - $2.50

Fareway Ketchup 20-24oz - $0.88

Pepsi Cola 24 packs -2/$10
-with in ad coupon

Island Sun Mandarin Oranges 15oz - $0.50

Minute Rice - $2.99
-$1/2 Minute Ready to Serve Rice Product, exp. 6/11/11 (SS 03/20/11)
-$0.55/1 Minute Rice, exp. 6/30 (Shape, Mar)
-$0.55/1 Minute Rice, exp. 6/30/11 (Woman's Day, Feb)
-$0.55/1 Minute Rice, exp. 6/30/11 (Better Homes & Gardens, Feb)
-$0.55/1 Minute Rice Product, exp. 6/30/11 (Cooking Light, Mar)
-$0.55/1 Minute Rice Product Fitness, Feb
$2.44 after coupon

Ragu Pasta Sauce 45 oz - $2.49
-$0.60/1 Ragu Pasta Sauce, exp. 6/19/11 (RP 05/22/11)
-$0.50/1 Ragu Pasta Sauce, exp. 6/19/11 (RP 05/22/11)
-$1.25/3 Ragu Pasta Sauce, exp. 6/19/11 (RP 05/22/11)
$1.89 after coupon

New York Texas Toast Croutons and Toppings - $1.19

Old Orchard Healthy Balance or cranberry naturals - $1.69
-$1/2 Old Orchard Healthy Balance Reduced-Sugar Juice Drink printable
-$0.50/1 Old Orchard Juice Product printable
$1.19 after coupon!

Mott's Apple Sauce 6 pack - $2.00

Ruffles Potato chips - $2.50

Kellogg's Pop Tarts 21-22 oz box - $2.50
-$0.55/1 Kellogg's Pop Tarts, exp. 6/30/11 (Peelie)
-$1/3 Kellogg's Pop-Tarts, exp. 7/10/11 (RP 05/15/11)
-$1/2 PopTarts Product, exp. 3/31/12 (Kellogg's Great Days Booklet)
$1.95 after coupon!

Keebler Club Crackers - $2.29
-$1/2 Keebler Club Crackers printable
$1.79 each after coupon!

Act II Microwave Popcorn- 4/$5
-$1/2 Act II Popcorn, exp. 5/31/12 (Banquet Dinner Package)

Sunshine Cheez It - 3/$5
-$1/2 Sunshine Cheez It, Keebler Town House or Keebler Club Crackers, exp. 7/31/11 (Coca Cola 125 Years of Summer Fun)
-$1/2 Sunshine Cheez-It Snack Crackers (Product Package)
$1.17 after coupon

Better Oats Instant Oatmeal -3/$2

Bounty basic Paper Towels 8 pack - $5.99
-$2/2 Bounty Paper Towels AND Napkins, exp. 6/30/11 (RP 04/10/11)
-$0.25/1 Bounty Towels or Napkins, exp. 5/31/11 (P&G 05/01/11)
-$1 off Tide or Gain Powder wyb Bounty or Charmin (P&G 05/01/11)

Puffs Tissues - $0.99
-$0.50/1 Puffs Product, exp. 5/31/11 (P&G BrandSampler)
$0.49 after coupon

Boneless Rump Roast $2.99/lb

Oscar Mayer Premium Franks - $2.99
-$1/2 Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs, exp. 7/10/11 (SS 05/15/11)
-$0.55/1 Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs or Cold Cuts (Kraft Food & Family)
-$1/2 Oscar Mayer Products printable
$2.49 after coupon

Blue Bunny Ice Cream - $2.99
-$1/1 Blue Bunny Frozen Item printable
$1.99 after coupon

Banquet Frozen Dinner - $0.78
-$1/4 Banquet Dinner, exp. 6/30/11 (ConAgra Rediscover Family)
-$0.50/2 Banquet Meal printable
$0.53 after coupon!

Tony's Pizza Product- 5/$11
-$0.50/3 Tony's Pizza Product, exp. 7/1/11 (SS 05/15/11)
$2.03 after coupon

Weight Watcher's Smart Ones - $2.50
-$5/12 Weight Watcher's Smart Ones printable
-$4/10 Weight Watcher's Smart Ones printable
$2.10 each after coupon!

Hot, Lean, or Croissant Pockets - $2.50
-$1.50/3 Lean Pockets Stuffed Sandwiches printable
$2 each after coupon!

Tombstone or Jack's Pizza -3/$11

Fareway String Cheese 12 oz - $2.99

Fareway Shredded cheese 8 oz -3/$5

Mulit Pack Peppers 4 pack - $2.99

Blueberries Pint - $2.50

Sweet Vidalia Onions - $0.49 lb

Bulk Roma Tomatoes - 0.99 lb

HoneyDew Melons - $1.99

Southern Grown peaches - 0.99 lb

California Red Cherries - $3.99 lb

The Secrets Stores Don't Want You to Know:15 Ways Stores Trick You Into Spending (And 10 Ways To Fight Back)

Originally posted here!

Ever notice how you can go to a store to pick up just one thing and then, by the time you get to the check stand, you have five or six things in your cart and a bigger bill than you had anticipated? This happens over and over because department stores use an array of techniques (grocery stores use many of the same tactics) to get you to pick up these items. By itself, each technique isn't very strong -- it's the use of them in combination that is powerful. Here's a list of 15 of the best tricks. After the list, watch for 10 ways to combat these techniques so you can get in and out of stores with your finances intact.

1. Shopping carts. Most store customers enter the store intending to buy only an item or two, but the shopping carts are right there by the entrance and, oh, wouldn't it be convenient to have it so I can lean on it a bit while walking around and to put my stuff in it? The cart has a huge bin compared with the size of most items for sale in the store, making it psychologically easy to toss in an item you don't need -- after all, there's room for plenty more, right?

2. Desirable departments are far away from the entrance. Most of the items I go to a department store to buy, such as light bulbs and laundry detergent, are located many, many aisles from the entrance. This means I spend my time walking by a lot of consumer goods on my way to find the item I want. Because these consumer goods are effectively marketed to me, there's a good likelihood that I'll spy something that I don't necessarily need and toss it in the cart.

3. The toy section is far, far, far away from the entrance. Naturally, if I take my son to the store, he wants to visit the toy section. He gets excited and starts shouting "Ball! Ball!" to me when we go in because he remembers the enormous plastic balls in the toy section. I tell him that if he's good, we'll go look at the balls, and at the end of the trip, we usually make our way over there. What do we see? Lots of children in that area, which means that there are parents that follow their children.

4. Impulse-oriented items are near the checkouts. Stores stock the latest DVD releases and "froth" magazines there, along with overpriced beverages and candy. Why? Because people leaving the store are thirsty, and they're going to be standing in line for a bit, which is the perfect place to hook them with some entertainment options.

5. The most expensive versions of a product are the ones at eye level. Take a look sometime at the arrangement of different choices for a particular product, such as laundry detergent. Almost every time, the most expensive options per unit are placed at eye level, so you see them first when you enter an aisle. The bulk options and better deals are usually on the bottom shelves.

6. Items that aren't on sale are sometimes placed as though they are on sale, without using the word "sale." I noticed this over and over with diapers; the department store would display a rack of them with a huge sign above them displaying the price, but it would be the same price I paid for them a week ago. Unsurprisingly, the diapers displayed like that were always the most expensive kind.

7. Commodity items, such as socks, are surrounded by noncommodity items, such as shirts and jeans. If I'm looking to buy some socks, I have to traverse through a number of racks full of different types of clothing in the clothing section just to reach them. Why? If my mind is already open to the idea of buying clothes, I would be more likely to look at other clothing items.

8. Slickly packaged items alternate with less slickly packaged items. Look carefully at an aisle of, say, potato chips. The ones with the bright and slick packaging are generally more expensive, which isn't surprising. But notice that there usually isn't a section of just inexpensive chips -- in most stores, they're sandwiched between more-expensive items. If there is a section of just inexpensive items, they're down by your feet (think about the inexpensive bagged cereals at your local supermarket).

9. Stop, stop, stop. You add items to your cart only if you stop, right? So stores are designed to maximize the number of stops you have to make: aisles in which only two carts can fit, colorful and attractive layouts, escalators and, my favorite of all, sample vendors. Even if it's not conscious to you, every time you stop moving in a store, you increase your chances of putting something into your cart.

10. Staple items are placed in the middle of aisles, nonessential and overpriced items near the end. Why? If you enter an aisle to get a "staple" item (i.e., a high-traffic item), you have to go by the other items twice -- once on the way in and once on the way out. That gives these items two chances to make their pitch at you.

11. Prices are chosen to make comparison math difficult. Instead of selling the 100-ounce detergent for $6 and the 200-ounce detergent for $11 (making it easier to figure out the better deal), they sell the 100-ounce for $5.99 and the 200-ounce for $10.89. Hey, look, they're basically the same, right, because five is half of 10? Uh, no.

12. Stuff in bins isn't always a bargain. Higher-end stores will sometimes put items in "bins" to emulate the bargains found at cheaper stores, but the prices are still quite high. They just use the visual cue of a "bargain store" to make you think it is a bargain.

13. High-markup items are made to look prestigious. If you see something in a glass case that has lots of space around it, your gut reaction is to believe that it is valuable and prestigious to own, and for many people it can be as attractive as a light to a moth. The truth is that these items typically have tremendous markup -- you're literally just buying an idea, not a product.

14. The most profitable department is usually the first one you run into. Ever noticed that at Younkers, JC Penney, Kohl's and such stores, the cosmetic department is front and center? That's because it's very profitable, and by putting it in a place where people walk by time and time again, customers are more prone to making a purchase on an item with a very big markup.

15. Restrooms and customer services are usually right by the exit or as far from the exit as possible. Why? If you need to use either one in the middle of a shopping journey, you have to walk by a lot of merchandise to reach the needed service, thus increasing your chances for an impulse buy.

How can I fight back?
Is there any wonder why people end up buying more than they need or buying sizes that are poor deals? With an array of techniques at their disposal, retailers can make a mint. Had enough? Here are 10 things you can do to fight back against these techniques:

1. Don't use a shopping cart unless you need it. A cart, most of the time, is just a place to put stuff you don't need. If you're carrying a product, you're a lot more likely to consider whether it's a worthwhile purchase.

2. Make a shopping list and stick to it. A list makes you focus on the items you intended to buy. Without it, you are much more prone to wandering and stumbling into "great buys" that you don't really need.

3. Look at nothing but the prices and sizes. That's all the information you really need -- everything else is marketing. Find the one that has the best price for its size, get that one, and move on.

4. Start at the back and work toward the front. If this is an option at all for you based on the store layout, do it. When you go in, head directly for the most distant item, then progress back toward the checkout aisles. If you do it the other way, you're prone to walk more slowly and tiredly toward the front after your shopping is done, leaving you open to lots of impulse buys on the way.

5. Always look at the bottom shelf first. If you've found the section you want, start looking at the bottom shelf first. This is usually where the better per-unit deals are.

6. Don't stop unless you're actively selecting an item. Displays are designed to beg you to stop for a moment and just look, which is often enough to get you to pick out the item. Even if something looks interesting, keep walking. You can study it as you go past and make up your mind later about the item.

7. Never go by an item twice unless absolutely necessary. If you go down an aisle, start at one end and continue all the way out the other. Walking by an item once lets it sink into your short-term memory, giving just a hint of familiarity when you walk by it again, sometimes just enough to persuade you to buy it.

8. Carry a pocket calculator -- or know how to use the one on your cell phone. Do the math yourself to find out what the best buy is because stores try to choose numbers that make drawing false conclusions quite easy.

9. If you don't know for sure that it is a good deal, don't buy because you think it is a good deal. Stores use all kinds of visual cues to make you think something is a bargain when it's not (like the bin trick mentioned above). Don't buy anything because it's a "deal" unless you're sure that it really is an excellent bargain -- just walk away.

10. At the checkout, rethink everything you put in your cart -- and don't hesitate to hand an item to the cashier and say you've changed your mind. Many people seem to have a guilt, or obligation, to buy an item that they've put into their cart. Don't. You're the customer -- you have the right to choose whether to buy. If you find something you don't want to buy, tell the cashier and don't buy it.

The secret to frugal living: Save in the kitchen: Ingredient substitutions

Save in the kitchen: Ingredient substitutions:
Originally published in All You Magazine

Swap out pricey ingredients with cheaper substitutes—you'll save money and no one will be the wiser. Keep your grocery bill down with smart substitutions. Find the ingredient you need on this list, then switch it out for the cheaper (but just as tasty) alternative.

* Red Wine: Pure cranberry juice
* White wine: White grape juice or apple juice
* Mascarpone: Cream cheese mixed with a bit of heavy cream
* Buttermilk (1 cup): 1 cup milk plus 1 Tbsp. lemon juice or white vinegar (let stand for 10 minutes)
* Crème fraîche (1 cup): ½ cup sour cream mixed with ½ cup heavy cream
* Edamame: Green peas or black-eyed peas
* Maple syrup: Brown sugar with a little water
* Molasses: Honey
* Cake flour (1 cup): 1 cup minus 2 Tbsp. all-purpose flour
* Macadamia nuts: Walnuts, almonds or cashews
* Fresh herbs (1 Tbsp.): 1 tsp. dried herbs
* Allspice (1 Tbsp.): 1 tsp. cinnamon plus 1 tsp. nutmeg plus 1 tsp. ground cloves
* Unsweetened chocolate (1 oz.): 3 Tbsp. cocoa powder plus 1 Tbsp. unsalted butter
* Vanilla bean (1 inch long): 1 tsp. vanilla extract
* Chives: Scallion greens
* Boneless, skinless chicken breasts: Boneless, skinless chicken thighs

More Substitutions:
Lemon juice: 1 tsp. = 1/2 tsp. vinegar
Garlic: 1 small clove = 1/8 tsp. garlic powder
Tomato juice: 1 cup = 1/2 cup tomato sauce plus 1/2 cup water
Tomato sauce: 2 cups = 3/4 cup tomato paste plus 1 cup water

Eggs: 1 large egg = 1/4 cup egg substitute
Whole milk: 1 cup = 1/2 cup evaporated milk plus 1/2 cup water
Half-and-half: 1 cup = 7/8 cup milk plus 11/2 Tbsp. melted unsalted butter
Heavy cream: 1 cup = 1/3 cup melted unsalted butter plus 3/4 cup milk (to use for baking, not for whipping)
Sour cream: 1 cup = 1 cup plain yogurt
Plain yogurt: 1 cup = 1 cup cottage cheese (blended until smooth), buttermilk or sour cream
Buttermilk: 1 cup = 1 cup minus 1 Tbsp. sweet milk plus 1 Tbsp. lemon juice or vinegar (let it stand for 5 minutes before using)

All-purpose flour: 1 cup sifted = 1 cup plus 2 Tbsp. cake flour
Cake flour: 1 cup sifted = 1 cup minus 2 Tbsp. sifted all-purpose flour
Self-rising flour: 1 cup = 1 cup minus 2 tsp. all-purpose flour plus 11/2 tsp. baking powder and 1/2 tsp. salt

Granulated sugar: 1 cup = 1 firmly packed cup brown sugar
Brown sugar: 1 firmly packed cup = 1 cup granulated sugar plus 1/4 cup molasses
Powdered sugar: 1 cup = 3/4 cup granulated sugar

Fresh herbs: 1 Tbsp. = 1 tsp. dried herbs
Dried herbs: 1 tsp. = 1 Tbsp. fresh, finely cut
Allspice: 1 tsp. = 1/2 tsp. cinnamon plus 1/2 tsp. ground cloves
Apple pie spice: 1/2 tsp. = 1/2 tsp. cinnamon, 1/4 tsp. nutmeg plus 1/8 tsp. cardamom
Pumpkin pie spice: 1 tsp. = 1/2 tsp. cinnamon, 1/4 tsp. ginger, 1/8 tsp. allspice plus 1/8 tsp. nutmeg

Red wine: 1 cup = 1 cup beef broth, tomato juice or water
White wine: 1 cup = 1 cup grape juice, apple juice, chicken broth or water

Unsweetened: 1 oz. = 3 Tbsp. unsweetened cocoa powder plus 1 Tbsp. unsalted butter
Semisweet: 1 oz. = 1 oz. unsweetened chocolate plus 4 tsp. sugar
Unsweetened cocoa powder: 3 Tbsp. = 1 oz. unsweetened chocolate, melted

Balsamic vinegar: 1 Tbsp. = 1 Tbsp. red wine vinegar plus 1 tsp. honey
Light corn syrup: 1 cup = 1 cup honey
Honey: 1 cup = 1 cup maple syrup
Baking powder: 1 tsp. = 1/4 tsp. baking soda plus 5/8 tsp. cream of tartar
Cornstarch: 1 Tbsp. = 2 Tbsp. all-purpose flour
Ketchup: 1 cup = 1 cup tomato sauce, 1/2 cup sugar plus 2 Tbsp. vinegar (to use for cooking, not as a condiment)
Dry mustard: 1 tsp. = 1 Tbsp. prepared mustard

What's worth buying at Hy-Vee 5/31-6/7!

Below are the best deals I see at Hy-Vee this week. Remember this is not the full ad. This sale runs 5/31-6/7 depending on your area. Head to here to see your local Hy-Vee's full ad.

Also, check your local store, but the first Wednesday of the month typically offer a 10% bag sale in the Health market. This is a great time to get those gluten free products! Some stores have full store brown bag deals, ask at customer service. Each stores Brown bags sales are different so check with your store!

Plus, Hy-Vee has a mobile-phone couponing initiative called “Now Wows.” NOWWOWS are incredible Hy-Vee coupons sent to your mobile phone. You’ll never know when you will get a NOWWOW so stay alert! Text NOWWOWS to 49833 (HYVEE) or visit HERE to sign up today and for full terms and conditions.

Don’t forget you will get a $0.05 bag credit for each reusable bag you bring in!


Gatorade Thirst Quencher 8ct 20 fl oz - $3.88

Ken's Dressing 16 oz (limit 3) - $0.99
-$1/2 Ken's Dressing, exp. 6/30/11 (SS 05/08/11)
-$1/1 Ken's Dressing, exp. 6/30/11 (SS 05/08/11)
Free after coupon

Blue Ribbon Thick Cut Pork Chops - $1.99 lb

Hy-Vee Cottage Cheese 24 oz - $1.28

Palermo's Pizza- 3/$5
-$1/1 Palermo's Pizza printable
$0.67 after coupon

Frozen Tilapia Filets 2 lb - $5.99

Hy-Vee Low Fat Ice Cream Sandwiches or Fudge Bars - $2.50

Ball Park Meat Franks - $1.50
-$0.75/2 Ball Park Deli Style Beef Franks Printable
-$0.75/1 Ball Park Deli Style Beef Franks printable
-$0.75/1 Ball Park Deli Style Beef Franks, exp. 6/4/11 (RP 05/01/11)
-$1/2 Ball Park Product, exp. 6/4/11 (RP 05/01/11)
-$0.75/2 Ball Park Products, exp. 6/4/11 (RP 05/01/11)
$1 each after coupon

Cottonelle Toilet Paper 12 double Roll - $5.88
-$0.50/1 Cottonelle Toilet Paper printable
$5.38 after coupon

Banquet Meals- 10/$8
-$1/4 Banquet Dinner, exp. 6/30/11 (ConAgra Rediscover Family)
-$0.50/2 Banquet Meal printable
$.55 after coupon

Jennie O Thin Sliced Turkey - $2.48 lb

Kraft Marconi & Cheese - $0.59

Tostitos Chips - $1.88
-$1 off Tostitos Dip wyb Tortilla Chips, exp. 6/27/11 (Tearpad)
-$0.55/1 Tostitos Product, exp. 7/5/11 (SS 05/22/11)
$1.33 after coupon

Driscoll's Red RaspBerries - $1.48
-$0.50/1 Driscoll's Berries printable
$0.98 after coupon

Hy-Vee Cereal; Corn Flakes, Bran Flakes, Krispy Rice, Honey Nut Tasteeos, or Apple Cinnamon Tasteeos -4/$5


Butter kernel Vegetables (limit 4) - $0.38

Hy-Vee Panburger, Tuna, or Chicken Partner Skillet Meals - $0.77

Van Camps Pork And Beans - $0.44

Hy Vee Kettle Cooked or Potato Chips - $1.50

Barilla Plus Pasta - $1.88
-$0.55 off Barilla Pasta AND Sauce, exp. 6/26 (SS 05/01/11)

Jolly Time Microwave Popcorn - $2.00
-$0.50/1 Jolly Time Microwave Popcorn, exp. 6/30/11 (SS 05/01/11)
$1.50 after coupon

Sunbelt Family Pack Granola Bars - $3.00
-$1/2 Sunbelt Granola Bars printable (no longer available..I hope some of you printed this!)
$2.50 after coupon

Snapple Tea 12 ct - $4.50
-$1/1 Snapple Drink printable(no longer available..I hope some of you printed this!)
-$1/1 Snapple Tea Glass Bottles, exp. 6/30/11 (SS 04/03/11)
$3.50 after coupon

Hy Vee Natural Spring or Purified Water 24 ct - $2.99

Coke Product 2 Liters -4/$4
-with in ad coupon

Freschetta Artisan Pizza Crust - $2.99
-with in ad coupon

Twizzlers Candy 11-16 oz bags - $1.50
-Buy 2 Get 1 Free (In ad coupon)
$1 each after coupon

Sunshine Cheez It - $2.50
-$1/2 Sunshine Cheez It, Keebler Town House or Keebler Club Crackers, exp. 7/31/11 (Coca Cola 125 Years of Summer Fun)
-$1/2 Sunshine Cheez-It Snack Crackers (Product Package)
$2 after coupon

Kellogg's Cereal; Frosted Bite Size Min Wheats 16 oz, Raisin Bran Crunch, Raisn Bran - $2.50
-$1 off Eggs wyb Kellogg's Cereals, exp. 3/31 (Kellogg's Great Days)
-$1 off Fresh Fruit wyb (2) Kellogg's, exp. 7/31 (Peelie)
-$1 off Fresh Fruit wyb (2) Kellogg's Cereal (Kellogg's Great Days)
-$1/2 Kellogg's Adult Cereals printable
-$10 MIR Kellogg's Cereal printable
-$1/3 Kellogg's Cereal printable (No longer available..I hope some of you got to print this!)
-$1/3 Kellogg's Cereal, exp. 6/26/11 (RP 05/15/11)
-$1/2 Frosted Mini-Wheats Cereal, exp. 3/31 (Kellogg's Great Days)
-$1/2 Kellogg's Frosted Mini-Wheats or Raisin Bran (RP 5/15/11)
-$1/2 Kellogg's Raisin Bran Cereal, exp. 3/31 (Kellogg's Great Days)
-$1/2 Kellogg's Raisin Bran, Rasin Bran Crunch, or Raisin Bran Extra Cereal printable
$2 a box & rebate & possible fresh fruit

Kellogg's Nutrigrain Bars - $2.50
-1.50 off Kelloggs Cereal AND Nutri-Grain Bars, exp. 7/8/11 (Peelie)
-$1/2 NutriGrain Cereal Bars, exp. 3/31 (Kellogg's Great Days Booklet)
$2 after coupon

Kellogg's Kids Cereal' Frosted Flakes, Froot Loops, Apple Jacks, & Corn Pops - 3/$5
-$1 off Eggs wyb Kellogg's Cereals, exp. 3/31 (Kellogg's Great Days)
-$1 off Fresh Fruit wyb (2) Kellogg's, exp. 7/31 (Peelie)
-$1 off Fresh Fruit wyb (2) Kellogg's Cereal (Kellogg's Great Days)
-$1/2 Select Kellogg's Kids Cereals, exp. 3/31 (Kellogg's Great Days)
-$10 MIR Kellogg's Cereal printable
-$1/3 Kellogg's Cereal printable (no longer available..I hope some of you were able to print this!)
-$1/3 Kellogg's Cereal, exp. 6/26/11 (RP 05/15/11)
-$1/1 Kellogg's Frosted Flakes printable
As low as $0.67 a box for frosted flakes & MIR!

Nabisco Snack Saks or Kraft Hand-snacks - $1.99

Larabar Gluten Free Energy Bars - $1.00

Hawaiian Punch Fruit Punch Gallon - $2.48

Newman's Own Dressing - $2.97
-$1/2 Select Newman's Own Products printable
-$0.75/1 Newman's Own Salad Dressing printable
-$0.75/1 Newman's Own Salad Dressing printable
$2.22 after coupon!

California Red Seedless Grapes - $1.77 lb

Jumbo Cantaloupe - $1.48

Dole All natural Premium Classic Salad -4/$5

Fresh Strawberries 2 lb Pack - $2.99

Slicing Cucumbers - $0.50

Greenhouse Grown On Vine Tomatoes - $1.48 lb

Organic Gala Apples - $1.69

Hy-Vee Naturall Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast -$1.88 lb

Bratwurst or Italian Sausage- 10/$8

80% Lean Ground Beef 3 lb Roll - $7.47

Farmland Smoked Sausage or kielbasa - $2.50
-$0.55/1 Farmland Smoked Sausage, exp. 6/30/11 (SS 05/08/11)
$1.95 after coupon!

Land O'Frost Premium - $3.99
-$0.55/1 Land O'Frost Premium, exp. 7/31/11 (RP 05/15/11)
$3.44 after coupon!

Hy-vee Grade A Large Dozen Eggs - $0.88

Udi's Gluten Frozen Muffins - $5.88
-$1/1 Udi's Gluten Free Product printable
$4.88 after coupon!

Hy-Vee Shredded Cheese -3/$5

Hy-Vee Thin Crust Pizza - $2.00

Hy-Vee Frozen vegetables - $0.98

Dean's Dip - $1.68
-$1/2 Dean's Dip printable
-$1/2 Dean's Dip Product printable
$1.18 after coupon!

Tropicana or Trop50 Product 59 oz - $2.98
-$0.50/1 Trop50 Lemonade or Raspberry Lemonade, exp. 7/31 (RP 5/22/11)
-$0.50/1 Trop50 Product printable
$2.48 after coupon!

Coffee-mate Liquid Creamer 32oz - $2.99
-$1/2 Coffee-mate Liquid Creamer, exp. 8/21 (Blinkie)
-$0.75/2 Coffee-mate Liquid or Powder Creamer Product printable
-$0.55/1 Coffee-mate Liquid or Powder Creamer Product printable
$2.44 after coupon

Blue Bunny Premium Ice Cream -3/$10
-$1/1 Blue Bunny Frozen Item printable
-$1/1 Blue Bunny Premium Ice Cream printable
-$1/1 Blue Bunny Premium Ice Cream printable
$2.33 after coupon!

Blue Bunny Sundae Cones or Ice Cream Sandwiches - $3.99
-$1/1 Blue Bunny Frozen Item printable
-$0.75/1 Blue Bunny Ice Cream/Novelty , exp. 8/31 (ALL YOU June '11)
$2.99 after coupon!

Eggo Waffles - $2.00
-$1/3 Eggo Waffles, exp. 3/31/12 (Kellogg's Great Days Booklet)
-$0.75/1 Kellogg's Fiber Plus Eggo Waffles, exp. 6/12/11 (RP 04/17/11)
$1.25 for Fiber Plus if included

Dove Brand Ice Cream Bars or Miniatrures - $3.49
-$1/1 Dove Ice Cream printable
-$1/1 Dove Miniatures, Dovebars, or Ice Cream, exp. 8/31 (RP 05/01/11)
-$1/1 Dove Multipack or Dove Ice Cream, exp. 6/14/11 (Blinkie)
$2.49 after coupon

Parkay Stick, Squeeze or Spray - $1.28
-$0.50/2 Select Parkay Products, exp. 6/30 (ConAgra Rediscover Family)

Vitalicous Natural VitaMuffin VitaTops - $4.79

Huggies Diapers - 12-55 ct - $8.97
-$1.50/1 Huggies Diapers printable
-$1/1 Huggies Diapers, exp. 12/31/11 (Peelie)
-$1.50/1 Huggies Diapers printable
-$2/1 Huggies Diapers printable
-$3/1 Huggies Diapers printable
-$2/1 Huggies Item printable
$5.97 after coupon

Energizer Max Batteries AA or AAA 4ct, C or D 2 Ct - $3.00
-$1/1 Energizer Batteries or Flashlight, exp. 6/30/11 (SS 05/22/11)
-$1/1 Energizer Brand Batteries or Flashlight, exp. 6/15 (SS 05/01/11)
$2 after coupon

Dial Hand Soap - $1.00

Gain Detergent 100 oz - $9.99
$0.25/1 Gain Detergent, exp. 5/31/11 (RP 04/17/11 #2)
$1/1 Gain Detergent, exp. 5/31/11 (RP 04/17/11 #2)
$1/1 Gain Detergent or Fabric Enhancer, exp. 6/30 (P&G 05/01/11)

Renuzit Adjustables - $0.88
-$0.55/3 Renuzit Adjustables printable
-$1/1 Renuzit Super Odor Neutralizer printable
$0.70 each after coupon

Purina Tidy Cat Litter 40lb - $5.49
-$1/1 Purina Tidy Cat, exp. 8/1/11 (SS 05/01/11 #2)
-$1.10 off Purina Tidy Cats Brand Cat Litter printable
-$2.00 from calling Purina Tidy Cats via phone
As low as $3.49!

Purina Mighty Dog Brand dog food 5.5 oz cans - 5/$3
-$2 off Purina Mighty Dog Brand dog food printable
-$2 off Purina Mighty Dog Cans, exp. 6/20/11 (SS 05/01/11 #2)

10/$10 MIX & MATCH:

Hy-Vee tomatoes 28oz or Tomato Sauce 29 oz - $1.00

Lays stax, Doritos, Lays, Cheetos or Snacks 2-5.75 oz

Ocean Eclipse Frozen seafood Filets 4oz - $1.00

Bar-S Franks or Bologna - $1.00
-$1/2 Bar-S Franks or Bologna printable
$0.50 after coupon

Michelina's Entrees - $1.00
-$1/5 Michelina's Entrees printable
$0.80 each after coupon!

Blue Ribbon Boneless Top Loin Pork Chops - $1.00

Hy Vee Pretzels - $1.00

Hy-Vee Soft and Chewy Cookies 8-11oz - $1.00

Hostess Snack Cakes - $1.00

Blue Bunny Personals Ice Cream - $1.00

Enter to Win a Smirnoff T-Shirt (1,176 Win!)

Head on over to the Smirnoff US Facebook page, “like” them, then click on the “Win it. Get it. Share it.” tab to try and win a FREE Smirnoff t-shirt!

*Approximately two weeks after the end of each Sweepstakes Promotion Period, winners will be selected by independent judges selected by Sponsor by random drawing from all eligible entries received during that Sweepstakes Promotion Period. Eleven hundred (1,176) custom design t-shirts will be made available to be won during each Sweepstakes Promotion Period.

(Thanks, Hip2save!)

What's worth buying at Dahl's 5/31-6/6! (Des Moines Area Match-up!)

Dahl's will take competitor coupons! Check out their coupon policy here!

Farmland All Natural Boneless Butterfly Pork Chops $2.99/lb.

Grade A Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $1.69/lb.

Dahl's Deli 12 piece Fried Chicken $11.99

Dahl's Deli Homemade Cavatelli Casserole Dinner (with 2 sides and a roll) $5.49

Dahl's Deli Belgioioso Shredded Cheese Cups $2.79

Dole Salad Blends 5-12 oz 2/$4
-$1/1 Dole Salad Blend 05/15/11 SS
As low as $1 each after coupons!

Baby Bella Mushrooms 8 oz. $1.28

Georgia Peaches 79¢

Ruffles 11-12 oz Chips (excludes baked and light) $2.99

Snyder's Flavored Pretzel Pieces 12 oz.or Pretzel Sandwiches 8 oz. 2/$5
-$1/2 Snyder's of Hanover Pretzels (Coca Cola 125 Years of Summer Fun)
-$1/2 Snyder's flavored pretzel pieces 5/22 SS
-$1/1 Snyder's Pretzel Sandwiches 5/22 SS
-$0.50/1 Snyder's Pretzel or Tortilla Chip Product printable
As low as $1.50 each after coupon!

Dahl's Bakery Fresh Champagne Rolls $2.99

Blue Bunny or Hi Lite Ice Cream $2.99
-$1/1 Blue Bunny Frozen Item printable
As low as $1.99!

Blue Bunny Naturally Ice Cream Bars or Sanwiches 2/$5
-$0.75/1 Blue Bunny Ice Cream or Novelty (ALL YOU June '11)
As low as $1.75 each!

Red Baron 12" Pizzas 2/$7

Stouffer's Party Lasagna $11.99

12" Tombstone Pizzas 3/$9.99

Morton System Saver Softener Salt 40 lb. $4.99

Pepsi or Mt. Dew 24 pk. $5.99 ($1 off each when you buy 2=$4.99)

Coke or Sprite 12 pk. $3.99
-$1/3 Coca-Cola Product (Coca Cola 125 Years of Summer Fun)
I found these booklets near the door at the Ames location!
As low as $3.65 each after coupon!

Dr Pepper, Sunkist or 7-Up 12 pk 3/$13
-$2 off coupon on display
As low as $3.66 after coupon!

Pepsi or Mt. Dew 6 pk 4/$12

Coke or Sprite 6 pk $3.99

Sundrop 2 liter 69¢

Snapple 6 pk. 2/$9
-$1/1 Snapple Tea Glass Bottles 4/03/11 SS
-$1/1 Snapple Drink printable (no prints left..I hope some of you got to print these!)
As low as $3.50 each!

Aquafina Water 24 pk. $4.99

Aquafina Flavor Splash or Lipton Tea 12 pk. $5.99

Powerade 8 pk. $3.99

I will post the Ames deals as soon as it becomes available, but it has yet to be released to the best of my knowledge!

$1.00 Rayovac Battery Coupon Reset- HURRY! Free Batteries at Walmart!

Once again the Rayovac battery coupon on Facebook has reset. That means you can print out a $1.00 off ANY Rayovac coupon. And since Walmart sells their smallest packs for only $.97-$1.00, you can get them free with this coupon.

**If you can’t find the small packs, check by the registers. I have seen them there before.

(Thanks, Eeendeavors!)

Last Day for FREE Swiffer Duster (Facebook)!

Head over here and like Swiffer on Facebook because today is the last day to grab a FREE duster starter kit! There will be two rounds of giveaways today with 12,500 given away during each. Free Swiffer 360° Dusters Starter Kits include one short handle and three 360° Dusters. There has not been a time announced so keep a lookout! While you're there, be sure to like The Secret to Saving on Facebook!

Rare Mega Bloks Printable Coupons ($20 Worth!)

Head on over here and register with the MEGA BLOKS Family Club to print up to $20 in new coupons! After signing up, you can choose your coupons, and they’ll email them to you with an ADDITIONAL $5 all-purpose coupon to use on ANY Mega Bloks purchase! Sweet! :D

*Save $2 on Mega Bloks Blok Town Play Sets
*Save $2 on Mega Bloks Lil’ Vehicles
*Save $3 on Mega Bloks Blok Squad Play Sets
*Save $3 on Mega Bloks Dora’s Family Nursery
*Save $3 on Mega Bloks Amazing Bag of Blocks!
*Save $5 on Mega Bloks Hello Kitty House
*Save $5 on Mega Bloks Fill & Dump Wagon
*Save $5 on Mega Bloks Thomas & Friends Toys

Let us know if you come across any in-store sales to pair with these rare coupons!

(Thanks, Coupon Saving Sista and Hip2save!)

45¢ for LA Looks Hair Gel at Target!

LA Looks X-treme Hold Sport Gel 20 oz $1.45 (Price Cut thru 6/18)
Coupon: $1/1 L.A. Looks Products in 5/15 SS
Final Price: 45¢ each!

Always keep in mind that Price Cuts vary from store to store!

(Thanks, Totally Target!)

10 FREE Invitations or Announcements (Just pay Shipping)!

Vistaprint is offering 10 FREE Invitations or Announcements! They've got some great new designs to choose from. Just pay the nominal shipping charge!

Shipping was $4.67 for me and I was offered a FREE pen at checkout. This is not a bad deal for personalized announcements or invitations.

*HOT* Dunkin Donuts Coupon, plus possible deal scenario!

You can currently find a HOT $1.50/1 Dunkin Donuts Turbo packaged coffee coupon on coupons.com (found under zipcodes: 29605, 60303 and 90210)! Plus, Wal-Green's Currently has their 12 oz Dunkin Donuts coffee on sale for $5.99 this week!

Dunkin Donuts Turbo 12 oz (if included)
Use $1.50/1 printable
As low as $4.49!

This is an AWESOME price for this coffee..the lowest I've ever seen!

(Thanks, Penny Pinchin' Sister!)

SaveMore: *HOT!* Another FREEBIE! $40 worth of Mineral Hygenics Cosmetics!

WOW! Currently, SaveMore.com is offering up a yet another freebie when you use your $10 sign up credit, when you sign up here! Today’s Jacksonville daily deal(You do not have to live in Jacksonville) is $40 worth of Mineral Hygenics Cosmetics for only $10 (free after credit)! Awesome!

SaveMore: *HOT!* FREE $15 Jamberry Nails Voucher (Includes Free Shipping!)

Wow! Currently, SaveMore.com, yet another daily deals site, is offering up a FREE $10 credit whenever you go here and sign up for a new account! Plus, today’s online daily deal is a $15 voucher to Jamberry Nails for only $7.50 so FREE with your $10 new member sign up credit! Even sweeter, free shipping is included in this deal! It appears that the nail shields run around $15 on the Jamberry Nails site, so you should be able to snag 1 set of nail shields completely FREE after this voucher! YAY!

Fine Print:
Expires December 1, 2011. Limit two vouchers per person. Additional vouchers may be purchased as gifts. Free shipping included. Voucher will be redeemable within 24 hours of the following business day.

(Thanks, Hip2save!)

Walgreens Photo: Coupon Code for 10¢ Prints!

Walgreens has put out another coupon code for 10¢ 4 x 6 prints when you order at least 75. Use the coupon code “KICKOFF10” to get 10¢ prints and select in-store pickup to get free shipping.

Also, when you shop through Shop At Home you get an additional 3.5% cash back!

To shop through Shop at Home go here: Shop At Home Walgreens Photo Coupon Codes.

To shop directly through Walgreens.com go here: Walgreens Photo Coupon Codes.

Once you get to the Walgreens landing page click on “Photo” at the top of the page to get started. The 10¢ print coupon code is valid through 6/4/11.

(Thanks, Surviving the Stores!)

Coffeemate Creamer $.89 at Target!

Coffeemate 16oz Creamers are reportedly priced at $1.94 at Target
Use the $1/2 Target coupon
and Use (2) $.55/1 printable coupons
Final Price: .89 each

This is for the regular varieties like vanilla, hazelnut etc… If you want to try the new Natural Bliss favors (pictured on the coupon above) those are $2.49.

See more Target coupon deals for the week here.

(Thanks, My Frugal Adventures!)

$3 Packs of Diapers at Walgreens!

This week you can grab Wal-Green's W Brand Diapers for just $3! They are on SALE for $5 a pack and there is a $2 off coupon in the Walgreens Infant Care book. I know many of you could grab these for FREE by using previously earned Register Rewards! I have yet to use any of these diapers on B, but I've heard good things and we have a nice little stockpile for the next size up diapers that we bought the last time a similar deal came around. I think we'll purchase some in size 4 and give them a try this week! Happy Shopping!

(Thanks, My Frugal Adventures!)

Monday, May 30, 2011

Last Chance: Tiny Prints: Father’s Day Cards $.49-$.99!

The Tiny Prints Father’s Day Card Deal expires tomorrow morning. If you’ve been putting off ordering your cards, do it now before this fabulous offer ends! In case you missed it, here’s the scoop:

Get Father’s Day cards at 75% off. That makes them just $1 each. Just use coupon code DOD0526 at checkout. You can have them shipped to you free of charge or pay $.44 and have them shipped straight to your recipient. You can even schedule them to be mailed next month so Dad and Grandpa don’t get them too early.

This is an even better deal if you have the Greeting Card subscription service, the coupon code will deduct 75% off your card price – not the original card price. So you can get yours for just $.49! Just a quick note on the subscription service: when you sign up you can get three free cards and get all future cards up to 50% off.

(Thanks, Saving with Shellie!)

Pampers Gifts to Grow: New 10 Point Code!

I have a new Pampers Gifts to Grow code to share with you! Just enter code 4XGHB4HPE7PB7NK to score 10 more points!

**If you’re new to the pampers Gifts to Grow program, then go on over here to sign up (you’ll score 100 points just for joining)! The Pampers Gifts to Grow Program rewards you every time you purchase Pampers diapers, training pants and wipes! Once you’ve become a member, you can start collecting points. Just find the Gifts to Grow code inside each package and enter the code online to accumulate points, then redeem your points for rewards! They’ve got lots of great rewards including various gift cards to different stores + lots more!

(Thanks, Hip2save!)

$5 Bounty Coupons to First 5,000 Every Friday in June!

Every Friday in June, Bounty will be giving out $5.00 off coupons to the first 5,000 to sign up! Click HERE for more info and to “like” Bounty’s Facebook page!

You can sign up for an email reminder so you won’t forget! I have never seen a coupon for Bounty of such high value! I can’t wait to get my hands on one and pair it up with a sale for some FREE (or nearly free!) paper towels!!

Kids N’ Pets Rebate | Free Bottle After Rebate!

Hurry on over to the Kids N’ Pets Facebook page. When you “Like” Kids N’ Pets on Facebook you can print off a rebate form for 1 Free Bottle of any Kids N’ Pets Product.

(Thanks, Couponing to Disney!)

End of the Month Reminder: Print Your Coupons!

The end of the month is near! On June 1st, many coupons will either no longer be available, or they will be reset. If they do end up being reset, you can get extra coupons by printing now AND again after the first of the month! Here are the links to review:

Smart Source
Red Plum
Coupon Network
Betty Crocker
Box Tops 4 Education

Register Reward Deal on V8 V-Fusion at Walgreens

Get a $3 Register Reward WYB (4) V8 V-Fusions
Get a $1 Register Reward WYB (2) V8 V-Fusions

BUY (4) V8 V-Fusion @ $4.49 each
Coupons: (2) $1/2 V8 V-Fusion on coupons.com PLUS (1) ad coupon for V-8 (Takes off $5.96)
Pay $10 and get Back $3 RR
Final Price: $1.75 each

(Thanks, Wild for Wags!)

The Secrets Stores Don't Want You to Know:10 Store-brand Products that Are the Same as Name Brands

As originally posted here!

We've all been there, wavering between the pretty box of "Tylenol" and the cheap "acetaminophen." The store brand costs so much less -- but is this really the place to look for savings? Medication?

And what about the stuff you'll be feeding your kids? Can you scrimp on that?

The fact is, there are products you want to spend on if you can, like toilet paper and maybe lamb chops. But there are just as many goods you can get on the cheap and, if you're like most people, never know the difference. (In fact, the real difference is typically marketing dollars.)

Here, 10 store-brand items you can count on to improve your bottom line without sacrificing quality. First, for your cereal (or sippy cup):

10. Milk

There are no brand-name cows. The udders supplying milk to Borden (or whichever company supplies your area) are no different from the udders Kroger is milking. So save some dough and buy the store-brand jug. It's the same stuff inside.

Not all milks are alike, of course. For instance, you may want organic. But in the "let's rake it in like Whole Foods" age, you'll likely find that in a store-brand, too.

9. Flour (and Sugar)

Baking basics are, well, basic. Core ingredients like flour and sugar (and cornmeal, baking soda and walnuts, for that matter) don't vary a whole lot in composition. They simply are what they are.

So go store-brand on the basics and spend a little more on the extras, like gourmet chocolate chips. There's no substitute for fine chocolate.

8. Staple Cereals

Check the ingredients on the store versions of your favorite cereals -- most are almost exactly the same.

If your cereal bowl holds fancy stuff, like all-natural flaxseed granola without raisins, you may not find a similar store brand.

However, if you love the oldies, like flakes of corn, crisps of rice, or bran of raisin, check the ingredients on the store versions. In many cases, they are exactly the same -- or else so darned close you'd never taste the difference.

7. Baby Formula

Store-brand baby formula has to meet the same safety standards and nutrition guidelines as brand names.

It may be the last thing you'd think to skimp on, but consider the facts: Store-brand baby formula has to meet the same safety standards and nutrition guidelines as brand-names, and they're made with the same basic ingredients.

Formula is also very expensive, which makes it an area worth saving in.

If your baby has allergies or extreme fussiness, you'll want to examine the fillers in the different brands (store and name brands, alike); otherwise, try the cheaper one.

6. Bottled Water

Bottled water is bottled water.

If you spend on bottled water, you apparently haven't yet been swayed by the "water is water" argument. But how about this one: Bottled water is bottled water.

Mineral and/or carbonated water is different, of course, but if we're talking about regular old "purified water," the store-brand water is just like the brand-name stuff. Both contain H2O molecules; both went through the same types of purification processes; and both quench thirst and taste, well, like water. The only real difference is that the name brand (which, unless it's labeled as "spring water," is likely from the tap) can cost twice as much.

5. Salt

Ever done a salt taste-test? Go ahead, try to tell the difference between name-brand and store-brand table salt. They look, feel, taste and raise your blood pressure the same.

And really, unless you're quite the gourmet, you'd be hard-pressed to tell the difference between store-brand and name-brand oregano, basil and thyme, too. (Or any other seasoning in your spice rack, like chili powder, garlic powder or sage.)

Save on the cheap salt and pepper so you can spend on the real vanilla -- the artificial stuff is a pale imitation.

4. Bleach

Your dirty laundry won't mind which brand of bleach you choose.

When it comes to bleach, some go with scented, scentless, splashless or cold-water-specific. There may not be store-brand substitutes for those. But for those who grab a big old jug of basic laundry bleach, grab the cheaper one.

The active ingredient (either sodium hypochlorite or hydrogen peroxide) will be the same for both. The only potential difference is the concentration of that ingredient, but that won't make much difference to your dirty socks.

3. Aluminum Foil

You're using it to line pans or steam on the grill. Maybe wrap some leftovers. Aluminum foil is purely utilitarian and pretty simple as far as "ingredients" go: It's the element aluminium, shaped into thin sheets.

Not all store brands are as strong as the name brands, but lots are. (After all, according to Consumer Credit Counseling services, the manufacturer of Reynolds Wrap also manufactures store brands.) And you can always upgrade to the heavy duty, which will probably still cost less than the brand-name regular. So try it. You'll probably find there's no need to splurge on this kitchen essential.

2. Antacids

When your heartburn starts acting up, you don't need to spend more to cure it. Just look at the ingredients on the back of each box of antacid -- the store brands have the same active ingredients as the name brands (and probably the same ingredients in general). That means it's going to do the exact same thing to your heartburn, but for less money.

1. Pain Relievers

As with antacids, pain relievers are a great place to save. Store brands have to meet the same efficacy and safety standards as name brands. They typically come in various forms (caplets, tablets, etc.) to suit your preference. And the active ingredients are identical -- for example, acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Advil). Your headache doesn't care whether the ibuprofen has its own ad campaign.

A dollar here and there can really add up over time, so don't underestimate the power of the store brand. Fifteen bucks a week may not cover your mortgage, but it can probably take care of your texting.

The secret to frugal living:10 Ways to Recycle Paper

10 Ways to Recycle Paper:
Originally Published in All You Magazine

Unlike money, paper does (sort of) grow on trees, which is why it’s important to be mindful of how much you use―and waste. Check out these 10 budget- and earth-friendly tips:

1. Print again. Reuse printer paper if it has text on only one side. It’s perfect for faxes and casual print-outs.

2. Take note. Make a notepad by stapling used printer paper, blank side up, to a piece of cardboard.

3. Let them scribble. Printer paper is great for kids to draw and paint on, and is often more cost-effective than paper made specifically for artistic pursuits.

4. Make art. Set aside an afternoon to create with your kids. The creative options are endless. Get inspired to make your own at Howstuffworks.com. Papier mâché, for example, simply uses strips of computer or newspaper to yield beautiful creations ready to paint. Get instructions at Ehow.com.

5. Cushion your packages. Newspaper or old wrapping paper can be used as package padding―shred, crumple or tear and eliminate the need for Styrofoam!

6. Make cat litter. Turn newspaper into odor-deterring kitty litter. It only takes a few simple steps―shred, soak in dish detergent and baking soda, and dry. Learn how at Planet Green.

7. Wrap it in your own style. Tape together sheets of unwanted paper, decorate and…instant customized wrapping paper! This is a great way to recycle children’s leftover artwork that doesn’t make the “keeper” pile.

8. Stuff it. Shred old paper to use as fill for stuffed animals or throw pillows. You can use any type of paper. It’s cheaper than buying synthetic padding and works just as well.

9. Create your own. Never buy fancy stationery again! Making your own gorgeous textured paper is much easier than you might think. All you need is pantyhose, bendable wire (a coat hanger, for example) and a blender. Follow the instructions at Ehow.com.

10. Recycle it. If you’ve absolutely run out of creative reuses for your scrap paper, you still shouldn't throw any out. Paper bags, newspapers, computer paper, magazines, packaging and envelopes (minus the plastic pieces) can all be recycled. The only recycling no-nos are waxed paper, laminated paper (like that in fast-food products), pet-food bags and oil- or food-soaked paper. Check with your local sanitation department for restrictions in your area.

$1 off a 16 oz or20 oz Diet Coke Product!

Diet Coke just released a high value coupon on their Facebook wall for reaching 1 million fans! Go HERE to print a $1 off a 16 oz or 20 oz Diet Coke Product! This will make for VERY cheap soda!

Good Deal on Banana Boat or Hawaiian Tropic Lip Balm + Aloe!

There is a gift card deal on these products where you get a $5 Target gift card when you buy 2. The total amount in products must be over $5 for the gift card to trigger so if you pick a lip balm + aloe gel, you get them both for 78¢ after gift card

Buy 1 Hawaiian Tropic Cool Aloe Gel 12 oz ($4.99) and 1 Lip Balm ($1.79)
Coupon: $1/1 Hawaiian Tropic in 5/22 RP (4 oz+)
Pay $5.78 and get $5 Gift Card Back
Final Price: 78¢ for both

Buy 1 Banana Boat 16 oz Aloe After Sun Lotion ($4.99) and 1 Lip Balm ($1.79)
Coupon: $1/1 Banana Boat in 5/22 SS (4 oz+ excl lip balm)
Pay $5.78 and get a $5 Gift Card Back for Buying 2
Final Price: 78¢ for both

(Thanks, Totally Target!)

Update on Walgreens Ritz Crackerful Deal!

Stores didn’t receive the products for the RR deal, so they have substituted other crackers instead.

Pay $2 get $2 RR on either Wheat Thins, Ritz Crackers or triscuits.

(Thanks, Wildforwags!)

What's worth buying at Aldi starting 6/1!

Remember you will need a Quarter if you need a cart and bring your own bags because Aldi does not provide FREE bags, you can, however either pay for your bags or use empty boxes found in the store if you do not wish to bring your own bags. They also don’t accept coupons, but they offer some great deals.

Casa Mamita Rice or Pasta Mix - $0.89

Sea Queen Ahi Tuna Steaks 16oz - $3.99

Reggano Medium Shells or Rotini 16 oz - $0.89

Savoritz Rosemary and Olive Oil Woven Wheat Crackers 9.5 oz - $1.49

Benton's Waffle Bowls 7 oz - $1.69

Sundae Shoppe Triple Chocolate Sundae Cones 24 oz - $2.49

Smuckers Magic Shell Topping 7.25 oz - $1.69

Fun Sweets Cotton Candy 2 oz - $0.99


FREE Custom T-Shirt – Just $4.41 Shipped!

There is a great deal going on over at Vistaprint. You can get a FREE Custom T-Shirt and Shipping is just $4.41 which isn’t bad considering you would probably pay $4 + Tax for a Blank T-Shirt at Walmart or Hobby Lobby.

Here are a Few Ideas to get you rolling: You could create a Grilling T-Shirt for Father’s Day!

They have several “Team” Designs so you could create a shirt to support your team! Think Baseball, Bowling and Softball (And all of the other wonderful summer sports!)

Family Reunions are also big this time of year so you could create a fun shirt for your Family Reunion.

There are about 6 pages of designs that are Free and there are several available for Small Businesses as well so if you have a Cleaning Service, Lawn Service or something like that you could even create a Company Shirt.

See all the designs available here!

What’s Worth Buying at Dollar General 5/30!

Don't forget to print a copy of Dollar General's Coupon Policy to take shopping with you!

Kraft Barbecue Sauce, 18 oz., Assorted Flavors, On Sale for $1
-$0.55/1 Bull’s Eye or Kraft Barbecue Sauce (Kraft Food & Family)
Final Cost: $.45

Kool-Aid Drink Mix, assorted flavors, On Sale for 5/$1
-B2G1 KoolAid Envelopes, exp. 5-31-11 (SS 03/13/11)
Final Cost: $.13

Oreo Cookies, 10-11.25 oz., all varieties or Chips Ahoy!, 12 oz., On Sale for $2
-$0.75/1 Nabisco Crackers or Cookies, exp. 12-31 (Kraft Food & Family)
Final Cost: 1.25

Lipton Tea Bags Family Size, 24 ct., On Sale for $1.75
-$0.50/1 Lipton Tea Bags, Lipton to Go or Iced Tea Mix, exp. 6-19-11 (RP 05/22/11)
Final Cost: $1.25

Suave Deodorant 2.6 oz., On Sale for $1.50
-$0.50/1 Suave Deodorant Product, exp. 6-19-11 (RP 05/22/11)
Final Cost: $1.00

Lever 2000 Bath Soap, 4 ct., On Sale for $2
-$1/1 Lever 2000 Bar Soap printable
-$1/1 Lever 2000 Product printable
Final Cost: $1.00

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor, 1 ct., On Sale for $6
-$5/1 Gillette Fusion Proglide Razor, exp. 5-31-11 (P&G BrandSampler)
-$4/1 Gillette Fusion ProGilde Razor, exp. 5-31 (P&G 05/01/11)
Final Cost: as low as $1.00

Fixodent Cleanser, 36 ct., On Sale for $2.50
-$1.25/1 Fixodent Adhesive or Cleanser, exp. 5-31 (P&G 05/01/11)
-$3/1 Fixodent Cleanser, exp. 5-31-11 (P&G 05/01/11)
Final Cost: as low as FREE

Cutter Mosquito Repellent, Twin pack, On Sale for $4
-$2/1 Cutter Insect Repellent printable
-$1.50/1 Cutter Product, exp. 8-31-11 (RP 05/22/11)
Final Cost: as low as $2

Hot Shot Flying Insect or Wasp & Hornet Spray, On Sale for $3
-$1/1 Hot Shot Product, exp. 6-30-11 (SS 5/15/11)
Final Cost: $2

Pepsi or Mountain Dew, 6 pack bottles or 12 pack cans, On Sale for 3/$10

Gatorade, 32 oz., On Sale for $1

Pringles, 139-140g., On Sale for $1
-$1/2 Pringles Product, exp. 6-30-11 (P&G Everyday Savings Book)
Final Cost: $.50

Cheerios, assorted flavors, 9-14 oz., On Sale for $2.50
-$1/2 Select Cheerios Cereals, exp. 6-12-11 (GM Spring Savings)
-$0.55/1 Cheerios Original (Yellow Box) printable
-$0.55/1 Cheerios Honey Nut Cereal printable
-$1/2 Select Cheerios Cereals (GM Spring Savings)
Final Cost: as low as $1.50

Doritos, 11-11.5 oz., or Lays 10-10.5oz., assorted flavors, On Sale for $2.50

Kraft Easy Mac Cups, 2.05 oz., On Sale for $1

Velveeta Shells & Cheese Cups, 2.39 oz., On Sale for $1

Kraft Salad Dressing, 16 oz., assorted flavors, On Sale for 3/$5
-$1.50/2 Kraft Dressing, exp. 6-12-11 (RP 05/15/11)
-$1/2 Kraft Dressing, exp. 6-12-11 (RP 05/15/11)
Final Cost: as low as $1.16

Kraft Miracle Whip or Mayo, 30 oz., On Sale for $3.50
-$1/1 Kraft Mayo or Miracle Whip, exp. 6-12-11 (SS 05/15/11)
Final Cost: $2.50

Kraft American Singles or Velveeta Singles, 12 oz., On Sale for 2/$5
-$0.55/1 Select Kraft Cheese Slices, exp. 12-31 (Kraft Food & Family)
Final Cost: $1.95

Planters Mixed Nuts or Cashews, 8-13.1 oz., or Dry Roasted Peanuts 16-20 oz., On Sale for $3

Capri Sun or Kool-Aid Jammers, 10 pack, On Sale for $2

Glad Freezer, Storage or Sandwich Bags, Assorted counts, Family Size, On Sale for $3
-$2/2 Glad Containers, Bags, Cling Wrap, or Press’n Seal, exp. 7-15-11 (SS 05/22/11)
Final Cost: $2.00

Suave Lotion, 18-22.5 oz., On Sale for $3
-B1G1 Suave Body Wash or Lotion, exp. 6-19-11 (RP 05/22/11)
-$1/1 Suave Body Lotion, exp. 6-19-11 (RP 05/22/11)
Final Cost: as low as $1.50 each

Tampax Pearl, Assorted counts and sizes, On Sale for $4
-$2/1 Tampax Pearl or Compak Pearl, exp. 5-31 (P&G 05/01/11)
-$1/1 Tampax Pearl, exp. 6-30-11 (P&G BrandSampler)
-$1/1 Tampax Pearl or Tampax Pearl Compak, exp. 5-31-11 (P&G 05/01/11)
-$1/1 Tampax Pearl, exp. 9-30-11 (P&G Sampler)
Final Cost: $2.00

Always Infinity, assorted counts and sizes, On Sale for $4
-$1/1 Always Infinity Product, exp. 5-31-11 (P&G BrandSampler)
-$1/1 Always Infinity, exp. 5-31-11 (P&G 05/01/11)
Final Cost: $3.00

Crest Pro-Health Mouth Rinse, 1 liter, On Sale for $4.50
-$1/1 Crest Rinse, exp. 5-31-11 (P&G BrandSampler)
-$1/2 Crest Product, exp. 5-31-11 (P&G 05/01/11)
-$0.75/1 Crest Rinse, exp. 5-31-11 (P&G 05/01/11)
Final Cost: $3.50

Oral-B Cavity Defense or Indicator Toothbrush, Soft or Medium, On Sale for $1.50
-$1.50 off Select Oral-B Products, exp. 5-31-11 (P&G 05/01/11)
Final Cost: as low as $.75 wyb 2

Bounty Paper Towel, 1 Big roll, On Sale for $2
-$1/1 Bounty Towels, exp. 6-30-11 (P&G Everyday Savings Book)
-$0.25/1 Bounty Towels or Napkins, exp. 5-31-11 (P&G 05/01/11)
Final Cost: as low as $1

DG party Partyware, Assorted colors, On Sale for $1

Swiffer Dusters Kit, On Sale for $2
-$1/1 Swiffer Duster Kit, exp. 10-31 (Organize In Style)
Final Cost: $1.00

Free Sample of Garnier Fructis Anti-Dandruff!

You can get a free sample of Garnier Fructis Anti-Dandruff Shampoo.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

What's worth buying at Wal-Mart 5/29-6/4

Don't forget to print and take Wal-Mart's coupon policy with you!

IHOP at Home French Toast Stuffed Pastries $2.87
Use $1/1 printable coupon
Final Price: $1.87

Great Value Yogurt 4-pk $1.67

Fresh Pineapple $2.50

Fresh Whole Fryer Chicken $.88 (ask me about my Beer Butt Chicken Recipe…..we use soda though)

Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers $1.78

Hershey’s Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate with Almonds or Kit Kat Bars, 6 pk $2.48
Use FREE Jet-Puffed Marshmallows wyb 1 Honey Maid Grahams and 1 Hershey’s Milk Chocolate printable
Use $1 off all 3 from 5/15 SS
Final Price: Varies

Joy Ice Cream Cups $1

Chips Ahoy! Chewy Gooey Cookies $1.98
Use $.75/1 from Kraft Food & Family
Use $1 off Milk wyb 1 Nabisco Cookies from Package or HERE (June 1st)
Final Price: as low as $1.23 + $1 off Milk

Twizzlers $1.50
Use $1/2 from 5/22 SS (regional)
Final Price: $1 each wyb 2

French’s Yellow or Spicy Brown Mustard $1.37
Use $.50/1 any French's Mustard printable
Use $.30/1 Classic from 5/15 SS or 4/10 SS
Use $.50/1 Spicy Brown from 4/10 SS
Final Price: as low as $.87

Heinz Ketchup $1.98
Use $.25/1 or $.50/1 from 5/22 SS
Final Price: $1.48-$1.73

Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbecue Sauce, 40 oz $2.28
Use $1/3 or $1/2 from 5/22 SS
Final Price: $1.78-$1.95 each

Kraft Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip $2.50
Use $.50/1 from 5/22 SS
Use $1/2, $1/1 or $.75/1 from 5/15 SS
Final Price: as low as $1.50

Capri Sun Juice Drinks $1.97

Orville Redenbacher’s Popcorn Pop-Up Bowl, 6 pk $2.98
Use $1/1 Orville Redenbacher's Popcorn Pop-Up Bowl printable
Use $1/2 or $.55/1 from 4/17 SS
Final Price: as low as $1.98

Fancy Feast Cat Food, 3 oz $.54
Use $1/24 from 3/6 SS (exp 5/31) or from 5/1 SS
Final Price: $.50 each wyb 24

Angel Soft Bonus-Sized Bath Tissue, 12 double $5.97
Use $.50/1 from 5/22 SS (I think that’s the date) or from HERE
You can also email Angel Soft to receive 4 $0.55/1 coupons
Final Price: $5.47

Bounty Select-a-Size Paper Towels, 12 big rolls $13.97
Use $.25/1 from 5/1 P&G (exp 5/31)
Use $1/1 from 4/10 RP or P&G Everyday Savings Booklet
Final Price: as low as $12.97

Zest Soap, 8 bars $2.98
Use $1/1 from 5/22 SS
Final Price: $1.98

Secret or Old Spice Deodorant $3.47
Use $1/2 Old Spice from 5/1 P&G (exp 5/31)
Use $1/1 Secret or Old Spice from P&G Everyday Savings Booklet
Use $1/1 from 5/1 P&G (Exp 5/31)
Final Price: as low as $2.47

Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tan Oil or Lotion $6.98
Use $1/1 printable
$1/1 Hawaiian Tropic Product 5/22 SS
Final Price: $5.98

L’Oreal True Match Naturale Makeup $9.97
Use $2/1 from March Glamour
Final Price: $7.97

Maybelline The Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara $4.97
Use $1/1 from 4/10 RP
Final Price: $3.97

Aveeno SPF 30 Tinted Moisturizer $13.47
Use $1.50/1 or $3/2 from 5/15 RP
Final Price: $11.97

Nexcare Comfort Bandages $1
Use $1/1 printable (If this coupon does not show up for you, you need to update your Adobe Reader. This is a PDF coupon)
Final Price: FREE!!!

Pennzoil Outboard Motor Oil $14 (was $17.48-$17.96)

Ortho Home Defense Max Perimeter & Indoor Insect Killer $9.94 (was $12.27)

Ortho Bug B Gon Max Insect Killer for Lawns $12.47 (was $15.47)

Character Beach Towel $7.97 (was $9.97)

Super Soaker Thunderstorm $11.96

Slip ‘N Slide Wave Rider Double $12

The Secrets Stores Don't Want You to Know: 10 Things That Never Go on Sale

As originally posted here!

There's nothing better than the feeling you get after saving money. These days, it isn't too difficult to do! Due to the poor economy, merchants are trying to capture our hard-earned dollar any way they possibly can, resulting in sales where retailers discount items by as much as 75 percent.

However, there are a few stubborn items and services out there that never seem to go on sale, like the ticket to see your favorite band perform at Madison Square Garden or the newest video game console your child wants for his birthday. Have you ever wondered why some products are always excluded from storewide sales? In many cases, the retailer has agreed to sell above a set price in exchange for permission to offer the product in a store, keeping it far away from the discount table. What's a girl to do?

Sometimes, it just doesn't pay to wait for an item to go on sale -- quite frankly, because it never will. To help you decide when to wait and when to buy, here are 10 things that never go on sale.

10: Wedding Costs

While brides and their mothers usually have fun planning a wedding, fathers groan at the mounting expenses. Even though thrifty shoppers can uncover deals while shopping for generic wedding gowns, it goes without saying that this season's Vera Wang dress won't be marked down anytime soon.

If you're in the thick of planning your big day, you've probably learned that costs associated with weddings are rarely discounted, and the rental fees, alterations charges and other miscellaneous costs can quickly add up. Industry professionals like wedding planners, seamstresses and musicians will rarely (if ever) discount their services, so open your wallet and get ready to swipe your credit card.

Other hidden costs that never go on sale include the cake-cutting fee, postage stamps for the wedding invitations and alcohol charges. While your groom's mother might score a discounted rental fee for the rehearsal dinner venue (especially if the event is on a Thursday night), the open bar costs and dinner menu will be full-price, year-round.

9: An Education

Did You Know?
Forty-three states in the U.S. have lotteries, but Georgia is the only state that's used lotto funds to provide more than $12 million to public education.

If you're like me, you can remember many days during your childhood that you didn't want to roll out of bed to meet the big yellow bus. Even though a lot of us take our education for granted, it's important to remember that we're lucky to live in a society that gives us the right to free, public schooling.

The key word here is "public." Depending on the city and state where you live, private school tuition can cost thousands of dollars per year, and we can promise you that these fees will never go on sale.

This goes for a college education, too. Many of today's high school students work hard for scholarships because college tuition is becoming more costly every year. Even though a chosen few are granted all-inclusive scholarships that cover tuition, board and books, many young people still graduate from college with thousands of dollars in debt.

Ambitious students who want to obtain a master's or doctorate degree will be ponying up even more. Students who enter medical school or law school should also expect to pay full price for their education. And over the course of your years of schooling, if you ever hire a tutor to help you pass a tough exam, cough up the money for those steep hourly rates -- tutors never discount their fees, either!

8: Luxury Apparel

Most clothing items can be purchased on sale at some point during the year, especially on Black Friday and the day after Christmas. However, there are certain designers who rarely, if ever, approve a discount for their signature pieces. So, if you want a luxury pair of pumps or a fur coat for your once-in-a-lifetime trip to Paris, go ahead and pay up.

UGG footwear, the much-beloved Hermès Birkin bag, and Louis Vuitton handbags, luggage and eyewear go on sale so infrequently that it's almost impossible for retailers to remember the last time they saw these items on sale.

If you're a man feeling pressure to propose to your girlfriend, it's not smart to wait for high-end jewelry or diamonds to go on sale! Don't expect the retailer with the famous little blue boxes to hold a massive year-end sale and knock several thousand dollars off the ring your fiancée-to-be has her heart set on.

7: Tickets

Did You Know?
In 1990, the average movie ticket in the United States cost $4.14. By comparison, today's adult consumer can expect to pay more than $10 at the box office for a single movie ticket -- plus extra charges for 3-D flicks!

So, your favorite band is coming to your town. When you looked up the ticket price online, you discovered that not only are the tickets expensive, but also several pesky processing fees are added to the total.

Concert tickets aren't the only ones that end up being extra-pricey right before you enter your credit card number. Whether you want to see Tiger Woods play golf at the Masters or watch the hockey team at your local arena, almost every sporting event ticket purchased online includes extra fees tacked on before checkout. While these tickets are almost never offered at a discount, you can buy them at the box office window to avoid additional processing charges.

Over the past several years, movie tickets have also skyrocketed in price, and the high cost of popcorn and a soda at the theater shows no signs of dropping. Our advice? Skip the snacks and hit up a flick after your dinner date, or go for the slightly less expensive afternoon matinee.

6: Home Improvement Materials

Top-quality paint probably won't be BOGO at the home improvement store before you complete your bedroom redesign.

Those of you who've built a new house or broken ground on a home improvement project know that you can't wait around for building materials to go on sale. Whether you're paving a patio just in time to enjoy summer barbecues with your neighbors or constructing your dream home from the ground up, you need plenty of lumber, tile and stone to get the job done. It's unlikely that you're going to stumble across any of these items on sale, so choose the products you need, strap on your overalls, grab a hammer and get to work.

Similarly, seasonal materials like flowers, grass, potting soil, pine straw and trees, are unlikely to show up on sale at your local lawn and garden shop. If you really want a hydrangea bush to sprout pretty pink and blue blooms in your yard this summer, purchase one in the spring at full retail price to enjoy for many months to come. Other items you won't find on sale when spring has sprung? Tools like shovels and pruners.

Finally, if your sink springs a leak, don't wait for a small trickle to turn into a flood because you're holding out for a sale on a pipe wrench! If you need tools for urgent home repairs, you can't afford to wait for a blow-out sale at your hardware store. What's more, jobs that are too big to handle yourself mean calling in a repairman and preparing to pay top dollar -- home improvement pros never discount their services, either.

5: Electronics

Did You Know?
According to market research firm NPD Group, video game sales totaled $18.6 billion in 2010, a 6 percent drop from 2009.

People pitch tents and camp outside popular department stores and electronics retailers several times a year before big sales, hoping to get their hands on a heavily discounted television, DVD player or computer. Even though certain electronics do go on sale, many others will never get marked down throughout the year. For example, Apple products, like the iPhone, iPad and iPod, don't go on sale or drop in price until a newer model is released. Video games and video game consoles are also items that are rarely seen with a sale tag attached to them.

Why is it that so few electronics go on sale? Manufacturers are legally permitted to set a floor price on any merchandise they choose, which usually includes their hottest-selling products. Once a price is set, the deal is done. If stores violate this agreement and slash the price of a popular product, the manufacturer is then allowed to cut off all advertising funds to that particular store. Even worse, if the manufacturer is really upset, it's legally permitted to take business elsewhere and stop sending merchandise to that store altogether. Costs for products set by minimum advertised pricing will more than likely never go on sale before a newer model hits the market, so if your child wants the newest game system for his birthday, don't wait for the store to offer it to you at a discount.

4: Organic Groceries

Organic groceries, like these cooking oils on display at Whole Foods Market, are rarely as cheap as conventional groceries.

Grocery stores pay researchers large sums of money each year to study us and the way we shop for our groceries. It's no surprise that the foods most often purchased by consumers, like milk, eggs, cheese and meat, can be found at the back of the grocery store. To get to these popular must-haves, grocers have us navigate through aisles full of cereal, candy, chips and cookies, allowing that by chance, we might decide to impulsively throw a few boxes in our shopping carts along the way.

As you stroll through the produce section in your grocery store, you might notice that the organic apples are quite a bit more expensive than the nonorganic ones. Why pay more for organic groceries instead of buying their conventional counterparts? Not only are you supporting local farmers and your local economy by buying organic, some studies suggest that organic produce is more nutritious and is less likely to contain harmful pesticides. It's true that organic produce is less likely to ever go on sale compared to the regular fruits and vegetables offered by your local grocery store, so if you want the freshest foods fast, you'll have to pay full price.

3: Beauty Products and Services

Did You Know?
According to Forbes, Maybelline is the best-selling mass-market brand in the United States.

Many women claim they can't live without a tube of lipstick, red nail polish and a classic haircut. Men may be surprised to learn how much money some women are willing to shell out for these items and salon services. In a lifetime, women spend thousands of dollars on beauty products and services. And in that lifetime, a woman is very unlikely to find cosmetics or a salon hair color treatment at a discounted fee. Sure, free makeup gifts can be found at every beauty counter in the mall, but if you have to buy a tube of mascara and a pressed powder compact to get the gift, is it really free?

For that matter, anyone can walk into a large chain retailer and buy low-cost shampoo or conditioner on sale, but for those who prefer salon-quality products, expect to pay full price. Salon services, like highlights and custom styling, also come at high prices that are almost never seen at discounted rates. If your roots are showing, or your bangs are constantly in your eyes, it doesn't pay for you to wait and see if these salon services will go on sale. Grab your cell phone and make an appointment with your favorite hair stylist as soon as you can.

2: Professional Services

A doctor's services -- particularly for elective procedures -- will always be expensive.

If you slip on a banana peel in the produce aisle, break your arm and need a lawyer's help to sue the grocery store, or if your husband really needs to have a dermatologist remove that strange black mole from his back, you're going to require professional help. Unless your lawyer graciously accepts your case pro bono, or your derm is Dr. Oz, and he wants to remove your ghastly mole for free on TV in front of millions of viewers, don't expect to find a coupon for these experts' services. Lawyers, dermatologists, veterinarians and other specialists charge according to their level of expertise, and they almost never offer a discount to the public.

In addition to professional services you need, the ones you want also don't go on sale. If you want the bump on your nose removed by a plastic surgeon, or you'd like have the gap between your two front teeth closed by an orthodontist, don't wait around. The popularity of cosmetic surgery has skyrocketed over the past decade, so the pros are staying busy, and they don't need to discount their services to entice customers.

1: Gasoline

Did You Know?
Spend lots of time in the car? Those with hour-long commutes might have increased stress levels, fatigue and even expanded waistlines.

For the hundreds of thousands of people who depend on their cars to travel to work every day, the high price of gasoline can put a large dent in a monthly budget. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), gas prices rise considerably around Memorial Day and spike annually during popular tourist holidays, like the Fourth of July and Labor Day. Even though gas prices can take you on an unpleasant financial roller coaster ride over the course of a year, it's practically delusional to wait for a sale on gasoline.

As gas becomes more expensive, people tend to drive less and look for other modes of transportation to save money. However, when the price of gasoline is high, it's no surprise that the rising costs at the pump directly affect the price of airline tickets and bus and taxi fares. Airlines and public transit raise the price of their services to offset rising fuel costs, especially during the summer, when gasoline is more expensive. So, if you're depending on your car to get to work on time, or you need to buy a bus ticket to see your grandmother on her birthday, take our advice and don't wait around for a gasoline sale. As long as gas prices are high, we can guarantee you that other transportation fares will be high as well.