Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Smartphone Apps that pay!

GroceryIQ-Helps you stick to your budget and list. With this app, you can scan the barcodes of items in your pantry that you need to pick up, and Grocery IQ will list the exact items, categorized by aisle so that you can shop with a game plan. (This app will even show available coupons!) This app is available for iPhones and Androids.

GasBuddy-This app will tell you the cheapest gas station in your area. You can compare the price of gas per gallon at local gas stations or in destinations you're planning to visit. This app will tell you the prices of regular, midgrade, premium and diesel fuel. GasBuddy is available for iPhone, Android and Windows phones.

Scoutmob, LivingSocial and Groupon-These apps contain localized deals and offers that offer discounts of 50-70 % off so you can be frugal but still enjoy yourself! LivingSocial and Groupon let you browse the latest daily deal and nearby offers, and also to purchase and redeem them. Scoutmob, available in select cities, allows you to view restaurant deals nearest to you. With this app, you don't have to purchase anything ahead of time, you simply show the app to your waitress when the bill comes to receive the discount. All three apps are available for iPhone and Androids.

ShopSavvy-When using this app, you simply scan a barcode with your smartphone and then compare prices online and across local stores so you can find the best deal instantly! ShopSavvy also features usedr reviews so you can read what other shoppers think. This app is available for iPhone and Androids.

Fieldagent- An iPhone app promises to pay you a few bucks here and there to fill out surveys, take photos, and do various other bits of legwork.

Checkpoints-Tap on your location in the application and you'll find a list of items to scan to earn points, or simply just get points for checking-in to the store, pharmacy, department store, gas station or anywhere else! ach time you scan a Featured Product, you earn points along with a coin that you can use in the Bonus area to play games and win even more points! Redeem your points for gift cards, airline miles, electronics or donate them to charity! Use the bonus code shanzy05 for an extra $1 worth of points! Available for iPhone and Androids!

WeReward-Check-in to local business and try out products and apps to receive cash! They regularly pay me for eating at Dominos! Sign up online for an app that works for iPhone, Androids and Blackberry!

Shopkick-Get rewarded for simply walking in (just by opening the app when you walk into a store!), checking in or scanning products at local businesses! Rewards vary from gift cards, facebook credits, electronics and donating codes. Available on iPhone and Androids!

Seed-Created by AOL.com, Seed allows you to create, be heard and get paid. Seed pays you to write and submit breaking news pictures. (Pay is as low as $5 and as high as $60)Available on Blackberry, iPhone and Android!

Pepsi Loot-Check into places that sell Pepsi products (Ex. Taco Bell or Pizza Hut) and you can get codes to download free music.And you can enter these songs into iTunes and your iPod. Available on iPhone!

OpenTable-The free OpenTable app allows you to make reservations at restaurants. When you honor your reservations, you'll receive points that you can turn into "OpenTable Restaurant Cheque's". Its simple to use, is a great useful tool, and you get rewarded for doing somthing you already do: eat. Available on iPhone!