Monday, March 28, 2011

First Feature beginning this week!

I plan to include a post every week that showcases how far $20 can take you. This idea will show everyone that not every week in couponing is a good week, but some weeks are amazing! This will also show newbie couponers that it doesn't take much money to begin saving. I will post these pictures every Friday! Look for my first $20 A Week post this Friday! I plan to keep this up, even throughout the rest of this semester of school. This is something I do every week anyway, but maybe this will motivate me to really try to get the most out of my $20. I think everyone will be surprised with my first post :)

I already have a few other ideas for topics for this blog, but I thought I'd see what everyone else would like to see on the blog. What types of things do you need help with to get started? For those of you who are already in to couponing, what things helped you get started? What do you have questions about? Look around the blog and let me know what you think so far and what you'd like to see added or see more of.

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