Thursday, June 2, 2011

The secret to frugal living: Make your own dog and cat toys

Make your own dog and cat toys:
Originally published in All You Magazine

Stop spending money on expensive toys for your pet! You already have everything you need for easy-to-make toys that are just as fun for play.

* Aluminum Foil Ball: Roll foil tightly into a ball for your cat to bat around. (Be sure to keep it out of reach when you’re not home as your pet could tear it apart and ingest pieces.) You also can roll a sheet of aluminum foil into a rod or stick. Hold one end and dangle it above your cat, enticing her to jump.

* Paper bag tunnel: Cut out the bottoms of a number of paper bags (the more bags you use, the longer the tunnel). Next, cuff both ends of each paper bag. Use masking tape to secure the bags together at the openings. For good measure, snip a few holes in the sides of the bags so your cat can run out if it feels nervous in the enclosed space (though most felines love to explore tunnels).

* Cardboard box: This toy couldn’t be easier—just put a large cardboard box on its side on the floor. Watch your cat walk in and explore. To make it even more fun, cut small holes in the side of the box for your cat to stick its paws through.

* Toilet-paper tube: Fill an empty toilet paper tube with uncooked rice. Securely seal the ends with duct tape. Cats love the sound this toy makes as it rolls around on the ground.

* Treat ball: Stuff small treats or pieces of dry food into a perforated plastic ball. Dogs love hitting the toy or chasing it because it dispenses tasty morsels. Try this trick with an empty plastic bottle. Cut holes in the sides big enough to let a few pieces of kibble fall out at once, then add a few treats and replace the lid. If your dog’s jaws break the plastic, discard the ball or bottle immediately.

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