Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Secrets Stores Don't Want You to Know: Behold: The Secrets of the Grocery Store

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A trip to the grocery store may be a hit or a miss, depending on your perspective. Some people love going to the store each week and others detest it with a passion. But there are some things you might not know about your grocery store that can change the results of your trip.

Here are a few of your grocer's dirty little secrets you might not have known:

Pick A Better Day

Hate the long lines at the check out counter? Start heading out to the grocery store before 8 am or after 9 pm, when only 4 percent of shoppers are likely to be cruisin' the aisles. If those hours do not suit you or your local store isn't open during the off-hours, stock up on Wednesdays, which is the least crowded day of the week at the grocery store.

Buying Overload

Ever wonder why when you “just run in for milk” you end up with a cart full of $100 worth of stuff you didn't need? That's because your grocer knows that putting the milk in the back corner of the store means you (the customer) must walk through at least one full aisle to get there. So, by going for a simple trek to get some moo juice, you'll see a ton of products you might not be shopping for but still will pique your interest, leading you to buy impulsively.

How Special is The Special?

Some specials are designed just to make you buy and spend more so be cautious. When it says “Oh what a deal!! 10 items for $10 means you will likely end up buying and spending more than you need. Face it, some specials really aren't that great. Weigh the pros and cons.

Look High, Go Low

If you want the best prices, scan both the top of the shelves and the very bottoms. The top-named brands pay big money to get their products situated at eye-level. Smaller manufacturers can not afford such placement but offer better pricing. So stretch high and bend low to save big bucks.

Missing Merchandise?

Can't find the baby formula, cough syrup, batteries, or razor blades? Ask the customer service desk for assistance as these items are usually locked up in the front of the store to prevent theft. These are some of the key items that are most often stolen and resold on the black market. The more theft from a store, the more money the customer has to pay in cost.

Go Employee-Owned

Shop at employee-owned grocery stores. You'll likely get better deals and tip-top customer service since it is the employees who have an interest, and a stake, in the store's success.

The Big, Bad Marketing Machine

Remember that brand manufacturers and grocery managers are true-blooded marketers. No one is safe from their tactics, even the kids. This is why all the cool, expensive toys, cereals, and junk food featuring Hannah Montana are all featured at kids' eye-levels. Give the kids a shopping list to distract them if you aren't ready to deal with 1,200 “Mommy,/Daddy, can I have...” during your shopping trip.

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