Monday, August 1, 2011

FREE BIC Atlantis Pen Giveaway (Every Hour)!

I now know more details on the FREE BIC pen offer I posted about yesterday! Check out what BIC Pen Pals stated on their Facebook page

Hi Everyone! The Pen Giveaway has officially kicked off! Here’s how it works: 1. Visit The Cork Board every hour on the hour between 10AM and 8PM EST for the next 30 days 2. Click on the giveaway information and enter in your information 3. Please remember that we are only giving away 130 pens every hour on the hour. 4. You can only win once! Good luck to all of our BIC Pen Pals:)

So, check back at 11am EST and every hour after that to try and win a FREE Bic Atlantis Pen! These will go incredibly fast, so good luck!

(Thanks, Because Cheaper is Better!)

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