Friday, September 30, 2011

SaveMore: $10 Credit & Free Reusable Water Bottle!

If you haven’t joined SaveMore yet, you can still get a free $10 credit– which can be used to purchase a WaterBiz Reusable Water Bottle.

The Water Bottles are only $5, so you may use your credit to get them for free and still have $5 in credit left over! Shipping is FREE!

Please note: While shipping may be free, it may take awhile to actually receive your water bottles. I ordered mine about a month ago and have yet to receive them. Please rest assured, as I have ordered from Savemore many times and have ALWAYS received my order. I think, in this case, the reason for delay is the mass number of orders being sent out. I JUST received my order notification, as well as my shipment notification as of 9/28/11.

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