Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Costume Ideas from Items Around Your House!

I saw this posted on Krazy Coupon Lady's website and I couldn't resist sharing! Here are some great ideas to inspire you. Use each one as is or simply as a starting place for your own creations. Happy Costuming!

Cupcake Chef:

Step 1: For this fun idea, simply use a child-size apron and chef’s hat. If you are handy with a sewing machine, you could probably create them with scrap fabric. Or use an adult size apron and hat, and trim them down to size. (If you’re a total non-sewer like me, use safety pins. :) )

Step 2: Decorate the apron with whatever you’ve got on hand – stamps, paint, etc. Use a glue gun or fabric glue to attach ruffles or whatever else your little chef desires. Put a smudge of flour on her nose for the finishing touch and have fun with it!


Step 1: Cut out the shape of an artist’s palette from white cardboard or white foam. Even poster board might work as long as your little one was careful. Put two holes in the top of the palette and thread black yarn through to hang the palette from your child’s neck.

Step 2: Hot glue a large paintbrush in the center, or draw one if you’re artistic. Put painted blobs of different colors around the brush.

Step 3: Dress your child in black, with a beret if possible, and be ready for all the compliments you’ll get!

Toilet Paper Wig:

Want your child to be the most adorable one on the block? Make this toilet paper wig and dress them up in finery from long ago (or their dress up clothes repurposed!) Simply paint about 15 toilet paper rolls white and then glue them to a long, white piece of felt or other sturdy material trimmed to fit the width of the rolls. You could also paint them yellow or brown for a princess or silver for an elderly person. Let your imagination run wild.

Rock Star:

Step 1: Decorate a cheap pair of sunglasses with rhinestones and other sparkly things. You can glue them on, or you can use stick-on ”gems”.

Step 2: Cut stars out of any shiny fabric you have on hand and glue them on black felt. Then glue the stars onto a pair of pants, preferably light-colored so that the stars really “pop”.

Step 3: If you have any dress up boas around, you can cut one into two pieces and glue them around the bottom of the pants.

Step 4: Make a vest using this downloadable pattern. Or if sewing isn’t your thing, cut the vest out of fun fabric and “hem” the edges with black duct tape or fabric glue. If you don’t even want to deal with fabric at all, cut a vest out of a brown paper shopping bag or a black trash bag and decorate with paints and stickers. If you have any extra dress up boas that you didn’t use for the pants, you can use one to glue onto the neckline and around the arm openings of your vest. Rock on!

(Thanks, Krazy Coupon Lady, BHG, Southern Living, and Homemade Spark!)

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