Sunday, October 30, 2011

Important Update on $2/1 Tide Detergent Coupon!

As some of you may know, I posted on Friday about how the travel size Tide packets at Walmart would be FREE after the $2/1 Tide detergent (no size restriction) coupon available in today’s P&G insert. Well, shortly after posting this deal I discovered that the Tide travel size packets aren’t actually valid for this coupon. I do not condone using coupons improperly, however, I had no clue that these little Tide packets aren’t actually distributed by P&G.

Here’s what Tide stated in the comment section on their Facebook Wall:
The coupon does not have a size restriction and is valid on all Tide detergent that is distributed by Procter & Gamble. The single use packets are not distributed by P&G and therefore the store reserves the right to choose not to accept the coupon on that item. I hope this helps with any confusion.

Also, here’s what Tide stated in reply to a comment left on their Facebook Wall:
We license the Tide name and actual product to another company (in this case Cotton Buds) to distribute one use packets of the product. It is actually Tide in the package but it is distributed by the other company. Since that product isn’t distributed by P&G the stores reserve the right to deny a manufacturer’s coupon on that product. I hope this helps.

I apologize for not doing more thorough research before posting about the Walmart deal on Friday. I did decide to educate my readers once I realized that the deal was a no go… however, I know that some of you may have already headed to Walmart this morning trying to snag the deal, only to leave feeling frustrated – which makes me feel bad.

I also feel that it wouldn’t have been too difficult for P&G to put excludes trial/travel size on the coupon. Even though they don’t distribute these packets… well, they should have known that most consumers don’t know that. So to make is easier on all, it would have made way more sense (in my opinion) to put exclusions on the coupon.

(Thanks for the verbiage, Hip2save!)

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