Friday, December 2, 2011

No More Rack: Insanity Deals will continue through December!

No More Rack has recently announced that Insanity Deals will continue through December! Woah. That’s an extra month to attempt to score the coveted iPad 2, Kindle Fire, PS3, or Apple iPhone 4S! Not sure what No More Rack or Insanity Deals are?

No More Rack is a daily deals site that typically offers 9 new deals each day (New items are released each day at 10:59 am CST). Insanity Deals are just like they sound, insane deals on the season’s hottest items including iPads for $43.20, iPhone 4S for $51.12, iPods for $18.26 and PS3s for $26.54! Now that you know what they are, you may be wondering how to go about snagging one of these hot deals!

Here’s how you can score BIG:
1) Sign up for NoMoreRack here and be sure to verify the email they send you to activate your account.
2) After you confirm via email, you can use the code P1080 at checkout to get a FREE $10.00 credit (However, you may NOT use this credit on Insanity Deals!)
3) Keep an eye on the Nomorerack page (refresh and keep it open in a web browser if you can).
4) Sometime throughout the day (and for the next 30 days) these HOT deals will pop up and you’ll be ready to score them!

Now, I also want to mention (or remind y’all) that I DO receive referral credit for those of you who sign-up under my link. I am using my referral credits to purchase some of the most wanted items on the donation list for Blank Children Hospital’s Cancer floor. One of the most desired items is the Xbox 360 with Kinect and I’d absolutely love it if we were able to get enough referrals to donate one or two! There are several other items I’m considering grabbing to donate to Blank if we do not end up getting enough referrals including iPod Shuffles, PS3s, or Kindle Fires. It does NOT cost you anything to sign-up for No More Rack and you do not need to purchase anything in order for me to receive referral credit or to participate in the Insanity Deals (besides purchasing the actual Insanity Deal, if you so wish!) Head over here, if you'd like to sign-up with my link! If you do not feel comfortable signing up under my link, you may visit No More Rack directly to sign-up.

Good luck ya’ll! Don’t forget to come back and let us know if you’re able to score an Insanity Deal!

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