Monday, December 5, 2011

The Secret to a frugal Christmas: DIY Reindeer Frame!

I just saw the cutest little reindeer picture frame you can make on the cheap by using your child's handprint!

1) Paint frame brown. Let dry.
2) Paint a child's hands brown and print onto construction paper. Let dry.
3) Cut out handprints. Apply a glue dot to the back of each handprint. Stick one in each corner at the top of the frame as shown.
4) Use Glue Dots® and to attach a wiggle eye on each side.
5) Using a glue dot, attach the large red pom pom to the bottom center of the frame.
6)Personalize the frame in the top center as desired with foam stickers.

Optional: Make reindeer a girl by adding a bow to an antler with Glue Dots®.

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