Thursday, May 19, 2011

FREE Lighter & Ash Tray

UPDATE: I've been told that the link for the lighter and ashtray isn't showing up for anyone! I'm not sure if this is a dead deal or if it was just never legitimate to begin with (However, no harm can come from you signing up at Black and Mild, I've received freebies from them before). Sorry guys!

According to Freebies for Friends you can receive a free lighter and ashtray from Black and Mild when you register to receive promotions from them. Unfortunately, I was unable to confirm this, as I received free items from their last promotion. I thought I'd share this just in case anyone wanted to try. You MUST be 21 to sign up for this deal.

According to them:
1. Visit
2. Register then confirm you want the free items it will come right up.


  1. It did not give me any options about free items. Geeze that was quite a process signing up lol

  2. Haha! Sorry about that, it was kind of those enter at your own risk deals. Thanks for letting me know though!