Thursday, May 19, 2011

Join MyPoints for Coupons and Savings Offers +100 Bonus Points

is a member shopping portal that will give you points when you shop, book travel, play online games, take surveys, search the Web, and do other easy, everyday things.

Redeem your Points for gift cards, online certificates, gas cards, travel, dining and more- all from your favorite brands! I have been clicking on emails and taking short surveys through-out the year and just cashed out for a $25 Pizza Hut gift card, a $10 Burger King gift card and a $10 CVS gift card to take on vacation! Gift cards range from store gift cards, restaurant gift cards, pay pal, visa gift cards, to hotel gift cards. It may take you all year to get a high value gift card, but for spending a couple minutes clicking on emails a day, it's well worth it!

GO HERE to join and earn 100 FREE points!

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