Friday, October 14, 2011

Burger King Scholars Booklet: 8 FREE Item Coupons for only $1.00!

It looks like you can purchase the Halloween Burger King Scholars Booklets at most Burger King locations right now!

These coupon packs from Burger King cost $1.00 each and have the following coupons:

4 Coupons for FREE Value Size Fries
1 Coupon for a FREE Small Soft Drink or Small Icee
3 Coupons for a FREE Small Soft Serve Cone
Grab a few and hand these out instead of Halloween Candy or keep on hand in your car for a super cheap snack for your kiddos when you’re out running errands!

**Booklets only available at participating Burger King locations. If you are heading to your location just for these coupon packs, I would call before you go to make sure they have them.

(Thanks, That Frugal Girl!)

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