Monday, November 14, 2011

Endorse: Changes to Program & New Thanksgiving Offer (Earn 20% Cash Back!)

I previously posted about a new app called Endorse that allows you to earn cash back when physically shopping in the store. However, I've recently become aware of some changes that have been implemented in order to ensure that Endorse continues to be a sustainable rewards structure.

Here are the main changes that took place effective November 11th…

* All rewards for popping retailers and grocery stores will be reduced from 10% to 2%.

* Product and restaurant rewards will remain unchanged at 10%. In the long term, you will earn the most rewards by buying and staying loyal to the products you love.

* Automobiles, gas stations (including gas at grocery and convenience stores), airlines, theme parks, and department stores are being removed from Endorse so that the focus can be on product-level rewards. Endorse will continue to honor these endorsements if you purchased prior to November 10th. You will get an email from Endorse if any of your endorsements are effected. “5 and Free” for you and your followers will stay unchanged for all endorsements on the site.

* You can now endorse 56 grocery stores including grocery sub-brands from the major grocery chains- including Safeway, Kroger, Ahold, and Supervalu. You will earn 2% back every time you endorse and pop these stores.

* Click here for more information about the changes mentioned above.

On a different note, you may want to take advantage of a special offer for Thanksgiving from Endorse where you can earn 20% rewards for endorsing and popping your favorite products to prepare your family Thanksgiving meal. To qualify, you need to endorse, buy and POP at least 5 different products from the list here to earn 20% cash back. You may purchase a maximum of 5 of the same product (5 turkeys, 5 boxes of stove top stuffing etc), but you must endorse and POP at least 5 different products to qualify for 20% cash back. POP all qualifying Thanksgiving receipts in the same envelope and your purchase must be made between November 10th and November 24th, and mailed to us by December 7th. The regular “5 and Free” friend bonus still applies – get 5 friends to endorse and POP any of the products you’ve also endorsed – and you’ll get yours for free. Click here for more information and scroll down to see the list of the 20 qualifying Thanksgiving products.

Here are a few of my Endorse links for those of you who want to/are interested in joining through my links (or wish to POP through my links):
Dollar General
Pizza Hut
Taco Bell
Burger King
Dairy Queen
Buffalo Wild Wings
Diet Coke

And, if you’re interested, feel free to share your personal endorsement links below!

(Thanks, The Frugal Find and Hip2save!)

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