Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A New Coupon Show is coming to Cable in the Spring of 2012!

There will be a brand NEW couponing show that will be premiering for the first time in either March or April of 2012. It is tentatively called 'Coupon Masters,' which is the exact name that Extreme Couponing was initially called. This show will operate much differently than Extreme Couponing, however.

The Show:

The show is based loosely around the idea of 'Supermarket Sweep'. Couponers will have a certain time limit to shop, a large clock will be featured in the store and they have to be at the register waiting before the clock gets down to zero.

A few rules of the show: Shoppers MUST have a minimum retail purchase of $500 before coupons. One item in your cart must not exceed 50% (in other words you can't buy 200 bottles of shampoo and then get 5 tubes of toothpaste and call it a night). You also must have at least 5 different items in your cart. There are a few more rules that govern the competition.

The show is designed to be a competition. There will be 24 different couponers selected, some will be from Extreme Couponing, and others will be new. The couponers will 'compete' against each other in the hopes of getting to the finale episode.

One of the biggest changes, besides the actual competition component of the show, is that the couponers give EVERYTHING they purchase away to different charities located in their areas. The couponers are given around $500 to appear and compete in each episode, (just like Extreme Couponing). The finale will be at filmed at an undisclosed store. ALL FINALISTS will be flown to this store, and shop against each other at the same time. No pre-ordering, whatever is on the shelf is all the couponers will have access to purchase. With the store's cooperation, the couponers will have a certain time limit to shop and return to the checkout lanes. The shopper with the most amount saved (a combination between percentage and actual dollars saved) will win $5,000. The part that is unclear is whether the couponer donates this amount to a charity of their choice, or if they get to keep it. All of the items they purchase will again be given to charity. A short disclaimer, this is not finalized and pieces of the show can and probably will change.

(Thanks for the heads up and for the wonderful information on this new show, We Use Coupons!)

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