Monday, November 14, 2011

StumbleUpon: FREE Amazon $10 Gift Cards for Every 5 Friends Referred!

This is so awesome guys! How would you like to earn $10 Amazon gift cards?! I'll cut right to the chase, right now on StumbleUpon, you can earn a $10 gift card to Amazon for every 5 friends you get to sign up for StumbleUpon (which is completely FREE).

Just sign up here and then you will get an email with links to refer your friends through Facebook, email, link, Twitter. It's as simple as that! Read all the details of this promotion here.

(Thanks, Klippin’ Krazy!)


  1. are the gift cards through email? i'm canadian and was wondering if i could still get some??

  2. Yes they are through email and yes I believe you can still get them! :)