Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Reminder and update about No More Rack's Insanity Deals! 1,000 Insanity Deals = iPads $43, PS3 $26, Kindle $15 + More!!

Just a quick note to say that I do receive referral credit when ya'll sign up using my link. I've been thinking it over and as my referral credit adds up, I've been debating about whether I want to donate the items I have enough referral credits to receive to either Toys for Tots, Blank Children's Hospital, or another cause or if I want to host a giveaway and give the items to ya'll. I think, with the holidays coming up that it would be most kind to give away my referral items. So please, consider signing up under my link. After all is said and done, I will let everyone know what items and how many I was able to donate from No More Rack referrals. Please share this link with anyone who may be willing to help. It doesn't cost anything. The only thing that needs to be done so that I'll receive referral credit is to sign up through my link and confirm the email that you will receive. Thanks!

For those of you who haven't heard, NoMoreRack is rocking the next 30 days with “1,000 Insanity Deals”! What that means is that they will randomly post 1,000 pretty insane deals in fact one they sold the Kindle for $15 and the PS3 for $26.54 just last night! You can get things like iPads for $43.40, 52″ Tv for $59.96, iPods for $18.26, Playstation 3 for $26.54 and so much more!!

Here’s how you can score BIG:
1) Sign up for NoMoreRack here and be sure to verify the email they send you to activate your account.
2) After you confirm via email, you can use the code P1080 at checkout to get a FREE $10.00 credit!
3) Keep an eye on the Nomorerack page (refresh and keep it open in a web browser if you can).
4) Sometime throughout the day (and for the next 30 days) these HOT deals will pop up and you’ll be ready to score them!

These deals will be in a purple box (like picture below) so you can easily spot them and throw them in your cart!! You'll want to work fast to get in on these deals!

Please note that No More Rack has not disclosed the time(s) or quantities for any of the Insanity Deals! There are only a limited amount of each item going out at a you'll want to keep checking back at No More Rack!

And for those of you who are questioning whether or not this is real, I JUST missed getting in on the Kindle for only $15 this morning!

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