Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Aldi deals beginning 4/27

Here are the best deals at Aldi for the upcoming week.

Remember you will need a Quarter if you need a cart and bring your own bags because Aldi does not provide bags. They also don’t accept coupons, but they offer some great deals.

L'Oven Fresh Plain English Muffins $0.99

Berryhill Pancake Syrup $1.49

Breakfast Best Brown & Serve Sausage Patties $0.89

MamaCozzi's Pizza Kitchen : Spinach & Goat cheese pizza $2.99

Cooper's Onion Petals $1.79

Breakfast Best French Toast Bites 14oz $1.99

Cantaloupe $.99 each

Strawberries $1.29 each

Mangos $.89 each

Avacados $.89 each

Bananas $.44/lb

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