Monday, April 25, 2011

Shopping at Wal-Greens

Wal-greens can be more complicated to shop than Target or Wal-Mart because of their many varieties of coupons. This guide will teach you how to shop at Wal-greens effectively.

Wal-greens Weekly Ad Coupons:
Weekly Ad Coupons are coupons found in the weekly store ad (who would have guessed?!). They usually advertise a price (Example: Nestle Candy for 39 cents) and most have a limit on how many items you can buy with the coupon (Example: limit of 6..check the fine print underneath the item to be sure). You must use the coupon in order to get the advertised coupon price. If the coupon says Nestle Candy 39¢, limit 6 then you can buy 6 Nestle candy bars and use the one coupon. Once the coupon is scanned it will subtract a certain amount that will make all 6 Nestle candy bars 39¢ a piece. Coupon etiquette would be to only purchase 6, however the register knows no limit and most cashiers aren't going to know the difference if the register doesn't beep. These coupons can be combined with all other coupons. Also, most stores don’t require you to cut them out! Just show the cashier the coupon you want to use and they will scan it or type in the coupon code.

Walgreens EasySaver Catalog Coupons:

The Walgreens EasySaver Catalog is found at the front of the store with the Walgreens Weekly Ad. The front of the booklet has Walgreens coupons called Instant Value Coupons – IVC. These coupons can be combined with manufacturer coupons. They usually have a limit of how many items you can use one coupon on but sometimes will work for more than the limit. These coupons do not have to be clipped either. *Note – these coupons do say “manufacturer coupon” but Walgreens treats them like store coupons. You CANNOT use an IVC, Wal-Green's ad coupon and manufacturer coupon towards the purchase of ONE item.

Walgreens Register Rewards:

Walgreens Register Rewards – RR – are manufacturer coupons that print out when your transaction is complete. They are coupons that are used on your next purchase. When doing a deal that earns Register Rewards you CAN use coupons! Coupons have no effect on the deal. Read THIS if your Register Reward doesn't print.

Coupon Rules:

Walgreens registers will not let you use more coupons than items purchased (excluding Walgreens Ad coupons & IVCs). You can buy 1 item, use an IVC and a manufacturer coupon and it will be fine, but if you try to use a RR too it will not let you. Add a cheap candy or pencil to your order and the register will accept the coupon. If you want to buy 1 item you cannot use 2 RRs to pay for it because the number of coupons is exceeding the number of items, however you can add a filler item (think $.10, $.25 or $.35!).

Coupon Order:

The best order to give the cashier your coupons is Manufacturer Coupons, then IVCs, then Walgreens Ad Coupons, then Register Rewards. That way there is a possibility for overage (most stores will not allow it).

The Walgreens coupon policy is now available online!

This video, originally posted on Raining Hot Coupons may help you!

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