Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cheap Cleaning Solutions!

This Article was written by Heidi Ramsey the author of Little People Wealth.
Every once in a while I get in a “super cleaning” mood. A couple of days ago I was in the midst of my cleaning flurry when my husband gave me a strange look and asked why on earth I had the car polish in the bedroom.

I like to clean with “unconventional” supplies. I find they work better, are usually cheaper, and don’t hurt my eyes and nose (or make me worry if my children are “helping” me clean). Here are a few of my recipes and tips:

Shaving Cream – Use shaving cream to clean the mirrors in your bathroom. It will make them shine! Plus, they will not fog up after you use the shower and for about 3-4 weeks if you see a spot a little toilet paper or corner of a towel will shine it back up – no windex required. BONUS! Let your preschool/kindergarten kids help you clean the mirrors and write letters in the shaving cream. It’s lots of fun and your mirror will be cleaned in the process.

Car Polish – I hardly ever (okay not in ten years) polish my car. I do, however, have car polish. You can find cheap polish at the dollar store. Use this to polish your bathroom counters, sinks, and faucets. It will then repel dirt and water for about a month (and shine them up). Super easy and good looking!

Homemade Cleaners – I live for my essential oils and homemade cleaners! When I was pregnant with my first I researched the different recipes online and then I tweeked them using my microbiology background to make sure that it really was killing the microbes that I wanted killed. Click the links to see my recipes for Disinfectant, Wood Floor Cleaner, and Glass Cleaner.

What are your homemade cleaner tips and questions?

About the Author: Heidi is a wife of seven years and mom of two. Little People Wealth simplifies deals in order to save you money on everything! It also shows you how to diversify your income streams and manage your money wisely.

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